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Couple Busted for Selling “Magic Mushrooms” Claiming Mystical Powers

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Couple Busted for Selling Magic Mushrooms Online

A couple was arrested at a Bangkok condominium for growing “magic mushrooms” and selling them online, claiming they could treat a variety of diseases and had special mind expanding powers.

On Monday, a squad of Metropolitan Police officers detained Mr Banyong, 40, and Ms Amita, 36, in their condominium room in Chatuchak area. They seized 181 plastic bags containing 117 kilogrammes of hed khee kwai or psilocybin mushrooms, often known as magic mushrooms, as well as mobile phones, an air purifier, humidifier, drying machine, scale, cleaning alcohol, thermometer, and gloves.

The couple has been charged with illegal production, possession, and sale of Category 5 narcotics (psilocybin mushrooms), according to Pol Maj Gen Theeradet Thumsuthee, an MPB top investigator, on Tuesday.

The arrest came after a tip that the couple was using the condominium room to illegally grow mushrooms and sell them online. They apparently sent their wares using private logistical companies.

Psilocybin Mushrooms

During inquiry, Ms Amita revealed that she had worked as the manager of an entertainment club in the Sukhumvit region. She said she resigned her work to live with Mr Banyong, who made a fortune selling mineral stones she said were the same as moldavites, gemstones formed by meteorite strikes. People who believe in crystal healing value moldavites.

Mr Banyong stated that he had spent approximately two years learning how to culture mushrooms through YouTube, TikTok, and Google. The pair eventually decided to produce psilocybin mushrooms and sell them for 100 baht each gramme. They also offered classes on how to use magic mushrooms, which they said could cure both physical and mental diseases. They charged learners 11,110 baht apiece.

Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

The suspects also claimed they had attained nirvana and were gods with magical abilities. They said the stones they sold and the mushrooms they grew were linked to everything. They also claimed to have utilized the mushrooms to treat a small boy of an unknown ailment.

According to police, the pair earned more than 100,000 baht per month by selling mushrooms and conducting mushroom consumption classes.

Psilocybin mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that produce the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin. Because of their mind-altering properties, they are commonly known as “magic mushrooms.” These mushrooms can cause dramatic hallucinations, changed perceptions, and a warped sense of time and identity. Consuming them produces a psychedelic “trip” that lasts many hours.

Psilocybin mushrooms occur naturally in numerous places throughout the world. Indigenous communities have used them in spiritual rites for generations. In recent decades, they’ve grown in appeal among recreational users looking for a powerful psychedelic experience.

However, most countries make it illegal to possess or use psilocybin mushrooms. The UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances classifies them as Schedule I drugs due to their significant misuse potential and lack of approved medicinal use.

However, there is increasing research into psilocybin’s therapeutic potential for treating mental health concerns such as depression, addiction, and end-of-life worry. Some research suggests that it can enhance brain plasticity and provide deep insights during psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions.


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