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With The Right Phone, T-Mobile Introduces Big 5G Speed Boosts



T Mobiles decision to crack down

(CTN News) – It seems like T-Mobile’s 5G network is about to get a lot faster – at least for some customers who are currently using the network.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the wireless carrier announced that it will begin rolling out four-carrier aggregation, a term used to describe combining different bands of airwaves for a larger pipe, in order to deliver faster 5G data speeds in parts of the country soon, and nationwide coverage will follow shortly thereafter.

There is, however, only one phone that currently offers this kind of networking feature, and that is Samsung’s Galaxy S23 phone.

(Sorry, iPhone users, you won’t be able to use this feature). There will be more compatible devices coming in the near future, according to T-Mobile.

With Verizon and AT&T having been in the race for the highest speeds and the most comprehensive coverage, T-Mobile is in the middle of a competition with the other major carriers.

However, when it comes to rolling out new networking technologies, the company has consistently proven to be more flexible and nimble compared to its competitors.

Essentially, this is a technique that involves allowing your phone to tap into four different bands of wireless spectrum – airwaves that are critical to delivering data to your phone over the air.

According to T-Mobile, combining the four bands is similar to constructing a large superhighway out of four lanes that are separated by a narrow strip of land.

The use of low frequency airwaves has the additional advantage of having a longer range, which means that overall coverage is likely to improve as a result of using low frequency airwaves.

T-Mobile states that the upgrade will enable peak wireless speeds of 3.3 gigabits per second, a speed that is several times faster than what you can expect from your standard wireless connection.

It is however important to remember that peak speeds represent the theoretical best-case scenario that can only be achieved under ideal circumstances.

Due to the higher bandwidth, your general speed, however, will improve even if you’re in a congested area due to the increase in bandwidth.

The company has announced a network upgrade as it prepares to launch two new modems later this year as part of its expansion plan.

It was not immediately clear whether T-Mobile would be able to confirm if the modems would support this type of carrier aggregation on a four-way basis.


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