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What Are The Biggest Blockchain Companies?



What Are The Biggest Blockchain Companies?

The blockchain business isn’t headed by a couple of entrepreneurs playing around with Bitcoin. These days, there’re many multi-billion-dollar top blockchain firms which are advancing blockchain technology.

Listed here are the top blockchain firms, sorted based on their newest valuations. For more information you can go through the Bitcoin Era.


Robinhood’s first step into the cryptocurrency marketplace has paid off plus has allowed the organisation to reach a new value of USD 5.6 billion throughout its most recent financing round held in May 2018.

It is simple to trade stocks, ETFs, options and electronic currencies using Robinhood’s user-friendly trading app for smartphones, which provides zero profits.

The user base of the platform has grown incredibly after 2018 as a result of its zero-free strategy as well as the inclusion of electronic assets as an asset type.


The organisation focused on a cost of USD four billion throughout its recent financing round, which began in December 2018 and was headed by San Francisco-based electronic asset exchange Kraken.

The exchange, Finance Magnates found, is preparing to obtain money from its clients to finance future acquisitions, instead of introducing an ICO or even reaching out to VC money for any cash.

In Jan 2019, Kraken carried out its plans and also purchased the London-based electronic currency derivatives trading business CryptoFacilities for a nine-figure amount.


Pioneering electronic currency firm Circle was estimated for USD 2.9 billion throughout its newest funding round in early 2018.

Group has many items and services such as a payments application known as Circle Pay, stablecoin USDCoin, digital asset expenditure platform Circe Invest and also the widely used Poloniex exchange, that had been bought by the organisation in 2018.

The firm is most recognized, though, as a significant player in the electronic currency OTC trading sector where it executes USD two billion worth of orders each month.


Mining powerhouse Bitmain was estimated at USD fourteen billion in mid-2018 whenever the firm reportedly initially reached investors to acquire interest because of its slated IPO. This presents a rise of more than 16% with the prior purchase price of the organisation at USD twelve billion throughout its 2018 series B financing round.

Bitmain is the industry leader in the manufacturing of specialised hardware for electronic currency mining, and also works in China in many bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) mining activities.

Block.One, the Cayman-Islands-based organisation behind the EOS system, was able to increase more than USD four billion during a 12-month token purchase which ended in the second quarter of 2018 despite not possessing a completed product or service before the crowd sale ended.

However, investors have been certain this brand new blockchain system could be successful in the future due to the blockchain heavyweights Brock Pierce as well as the innovative technology it provides.

Block. one identifies itself as a “leader in offering high-performance blockchain solutions,” as well as its primary prerogative will be the improvement of EOS ‘blockchain and investment of businesses plus tasks which can further the development of EOS.


Probably the most lucrative blockchain company these days is Coinbase. Coinbase had not been simply confirmed to become the initial bitcoin unicorn, however, the organisation played an essential part in getting investors into bitcoin throughout the bull market in 2017.

Coinbase was estimated at USD eight million during its final funding round, which occurred in October 2018. First of all, Coinbase is a premier bitcoin purchasing app which enables list investors to buy bitcoin as well as a few other altcoins from the convenience of their house.

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