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Walmart’s Portable Toilets Are For Building Work, Not Migrant Camps

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Walmart's Portable Toilets Are For Building Work, Not Migrant Camps

(CTN News) – According to a video posted to social media, Walmart Tennessee placed temporary portable restrooms outside its store as part of its remodeling work, not as part of a camp to house migrants.

A video surfaced on TikTok and Facebook showing an individual walking outside a Walmart store and pointing to portable restrooms.

During the recording, the person says, “Just a couple of days ago, they said Tennessee was the new hot spot for migrants. Now, our local Walmarts are hosting camps with bathrooms in their parking lots.”

There is a statement across the Walmart bottom of the video that reads, “For entertainment purposes only.”. In response to a request for comment, the individual in the TikTok video said, “I wasn’t being serious and never expected it to get so popular.”.

Although most of the comments on the video indicate that the bathrooms are likely due to remodeling work, some people took the video seriously.

Some of the comments include: “Turning America into a Third World Country Sadly,” and “Well all I can say is please do not come to my neighborhood.”.

According to Reuters, the clip was taken from the parking lot outside the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Sevierville, Tennessee.

A portable toilet was not built as part of a migrant camp.

According to Joe Pennington, Walmart Press Office Director, the temporary bathroom facilities will remain in place while the store undergoes a “remodel,” and the restrooms will re-open “in about five days.”

A number of posts were uploaded to the store’s Facebook page in December and January alerting customers to the upcoming remodel.

According to Google Street view, the store has portable bathrooms outside, but there is no external housing camp.


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