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Subreddits To Become Private In 48-Hour Protest. Why?



Subreddits To Become Private In 48-Hour Protest. Why?

(CTN News) – Thousands of Reddit forums and communities, also called ‘subreddits’, will become inaccessible on Monday as a form of protest against the way the website is being run in an effort to silence its critics.

The definition of a subreddit is a forum or community of people on Reddit that gather together for the purpose of discussing a particular topic or subject.

The majority of Reddit’s most popular communities, such as r/videos, r/reactiongifs, r/earthporn, and r/lifeprotips, have announced plans to set themselves to private on June 12 as part of a new initiative.

The protest is primarily due to the fact that Reddit imposed new pricing for third-party developers who wish to access the APIs available on the site as part of the new pricing policy.

A number of developers have expressed concerns about how the new pricing policy will affect the viability of their services.

In contrast to other social media sites, Reddit relies on community moderation, and although a few administrators are paid to maintain the site, moderators, also known as mods, are often the ones who are keeping the site running smoothly.

By moderating the subreddit, these moderators ensure that it doesn’t become a slam dunk of irrelevant and illegal comments.

In a post announcing the protest, one of the subreddits explains that Reddit has raised its API fees to a level that will kill all third-party apps on the platform, such as Apollo and Reddit is Fun and Narwhal and BaconReader.

There will be a total of 3,489 subreddits in the blackout, including five of the ten most popular communities on the site.

There are some subreddits that intend to return after the 48-hour period, while there are other subreddits that intend to remain private indefinitely unless their concerns are resolved.

An administrator for one of these subreddits told the BBC that the protest was about a “strength in numbers” approach.

As far as Reddit is concerned, if it were just one subreddit that went private, they might intervene. But if it was half the entire website that went private, then you feel much more pressured.

In spite of the fact that this is a volunteer position, we don’t receive any financial compensation, but we still take the position very seriously, he said.

In his comments to Reddit, he said, “While we respect when you and your communities take action to highlight the things you need, we also believe we are all responsible for making sure that Reddit remains an open, accessible place for people to find community and belonging.”.


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