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NVIDIA And Reliance Team Up On Apps And Language Models



NVIDIA And Reliance Team Up On Apps And Language Models

(CTN News) – It was announced on Friday that chip maker Nvidia and Indian telecom group Reliance had formed a partnership aimed at creating artificial intelligence language models for millions of its mobile customers and developing generative apps.

It is anticipated that Nvidia (NVDA.O) will provide computing power for the project, while Jio (RELI.NS) will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the AI cloud infrastructure as well as overseeing customer engagement as part of the program.

In accordance with Nvidia, “Reliance (telecom) will develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications and services for its 450 million Jio (telecom) subscribers, and the company will provide energy-efficient artificial intelligence infrastructure to researchers, developers, and startups throughout the country.

In the global marketplace, Nvidia has a nearly monopolistic position on the computing platforms which are used to power ChatGPT, OpenAI’s blockbuster generative AI chatbot that uses Nvidia’s generative AI technology to generate intelligent conversational responses.

The AI that powers these apps is known as a large language model because it is able to take a text prompt and create a response that is similar to what a human would write in response to it.

As a result of Reliance’s new AI infrastructure, a number of India’s key AI projects, including chatbots, drug discovery, climate change research, and a number of other projects will be able to move forward more quickly in the near future.

In addition to this, the company will create AI applications based on regional languages in India, such as an app that will be used to provide weather information and crop prices to farmers through an app that can interact with them and provide them with weather and crop information.

According to a report published by Reuters on Friday, oil-to-retail conglomerate Reliance Industries is also considering expanding into the chip manufacturing industry in India as part of its expansion plans, according to an exclusive report.

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