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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Will Never Be Sold By Michael Saylor

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MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Will Never Be Sold By Michael Saylor

(CTN News) – Even by bitcoin bull standards, Michael Saylor stands out from the crowd.

During his spare time, MicroStrategy’s executive chairman posts quasi-mystical memes and prophetic pronouncements (see his pinned post on X).

The company currently holds 205,000, or $14.5 billion, and he is spearheading the transition of MicroStrategy from a modest business software company to a proxy, which in addition to selling software, also serves as a bitcoin-funding vehicle.

As a result, MicroStrategy has announced that it will launch a convertible debt offering to fund its latest purchase of bitcoins.

He describes as “digital property” as opposed to “digital currency” in a recent video interview with Yahoo Finance and advocates it as an excellent store of value – the “apex property,” to be precise.

There is no doubt that it is a much better store of value now, near record highs, than it was during the most recent crypto winter, but Saylor has remained steadfast throughout the fall and rise.

Moreover, he appears not to have any plans to sell in the near future.

It is our opinion that is the top form of property, the apex of property in the world, and it is the best investment asset,” he stated. As a result, the endgame is the acquisition of more bitcoins. Whoever obtains the greatest number of bitcoins wins. The endgame is the only one that exists.

In other words, he said, “We believe that the highest, best use of is to buy bitcoin and hold it.”

I would like to make it clear that this is an unusual situation. In most cases, companies hold other assets on their balance sheets, including real estate and stocks, in order to generate a return on their investment. As an example of a bitcoin investment, Saylor cites NYC real estate as an analogy.

One other bitcoin bull, Scott Melker, recently stated that he intends to hold until the day he dies so that his children may benefit from it.


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