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McDonald’s Tests Automated Drive-Thru Restaurants In North Texas

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McDonald's Tests Automated Drive-Thru Restaurants In North Texas

(CTN News) – There is a video spreading viral telling the story of how McDonald’s in Fort Worth is testing an automated drive-thru and pickup concept that is being tested by a food influencer.

A series of videos from Foodie Munster have been circulating on TikTok and on Instagram.

These videos show a vertical conveyor belt with robotic racks serving meals to customers without any assistance from a human.

A TikTok video by foodie Munster that has received over 1.2 million views says that the automated McDonald’s concept might alter the way Americans order McDonald’s in the future.

In a video only 30 seconds long on TikTok, Munster shows a drive-thru and a very minimal interior of the restaurant with no seating.

The video is only 30 seconds long, and only shows a few glimpses of the drive-thru.

Foodie Munster posted a photo of the restaurant on her Instagram account stating that it is only being tested as a drive-through and takeaway restaurant.

As he explained, you can order from the McDonald’s app or place an order ahead in the drive-thru using the McDonald’s app.

Orders that are placed in advance will be processed through a separate lane that will serve them via a conveyor belt. In many ways, the scene reminded me of something that one would find in a hypercapitalist sci-fi world.

According to Foodie Munster, the only complaint he has is that he had to unbuckle after he reached over and grabbed his food: “Of course.”.”

At the front of the restaurant is a small ordering kiosk with bathrooms and what seems like a counter where you can pick up your order.

I would say that this place is designed specifically to meet the needs of grab-and-go shoppers.

I don’t think it’s completely automated. This is because you can see people working behind the counter and in what appears to be the kitchen area.

Therefore, I’m guessing it’s not fully automated. In order to obtain a comment from McDonald’s, MySA reached out to them.

It comes as no surprise that the reactions are pulling out all the usual McDonald’s tropes turned memes as well.

On TikTok, a user named CoolDadio commented, “This is awesome. There is no more attitude at the counter.”.

It has been reported that the ice cream machine will still be out of commission for some time.

Is McDonald’s worth billions?

By this GOBankingRates metric, McDonald’s has a net worth of $36.53 billion.

McDonald’s Net Worth.


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