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Hydration Expert Bisleri Partners With Gujarat Titans



Hydration Expert Bisleri Partners With Gujarat Titans

(CTN News) – Bisleri, the leading packaged water brand in India, is the official hydration partner of Gujarat Titans.

Starting with the 2023 season, the two will form a three-year partnership.

Since 1951, Bisleri has championed the importance of staying hydrated and healthy, a cause that resonates strongly with today’s youth.

 International Pvt. Vice-Chairperson, Jayanti Chauhan, commented on the association. Limited, said, “Cricket unites the entire country in setting benchmarks for athletic performance and endurance.

Collaboration with Gujarat Titans is a strategic approach to helping consumers be more fit and healthy.

As we move forward, we will continue to drive more meaningful sporting and athlete-led collaborations that build brand connections with youth.”

Gujarat Titans COO, Arvinder Singh, commented on the association, “We are delighted to announce as our Hydration partner for the next three seasons.

It is our goal to achieve excellence in our respective fields and we look forward to maintaining a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

The brand has been leading the way in promoting the importance of hydration for decades.

Bisleri has partnered with some of the biggest marathon events in the country – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Continuing to associate with sporting events and athletes, aims to build brand love and connect with youth across multiple platforms.

Keep hydrated through 2023 as Bisleri races on the sporting journey.

International Pvt. Ltd. has been in business for more than 50 years. Ltd.

has grown to become one of India’s largest premium beverage companies. Since manufactures the country’s largest-selling mineral water, it follows a stringent purification process and 114 quality tests to ensure its customers receive safe, pure, and healthy mineral water.

With 133 operational plants and nearly 4,000 distributors and 5,000 distribution trucks in India and neighbouring countries, International has a robust distribution network. Among its premium beverages are beverages for every occasion.

Whether it’s Mineral Water, Vedica Himalayan Spring Water, a daily dose of health, or a fun-filled refreshment with a diverse range of drinks available in a variety of flavors – Limonata (Limey minty cooler), Spyci (Masala with fizz), Fonzo (Mango with fizz). The Bisleri@Doorstep e-commerce platform also sells products.

With this one-stop platform, customers are assured that their most trusted brands will be delivered safely and uninterrupted.

Bisleri International’s growth in India has been driven by its vision of being a leader in the premium beverage category by helping the community and protecting the environment.

As a company, Bisleri International is committed to yielding growth and embedding sustainability through responsibility.

We invite you to visit ( ( limonata to learn more about International, our people, brands, and OSR initiatives.

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