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Why Investors Are Looking Italy For A New Ground Of Investment After Acquiring An Italian Golden Visa

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Why Investors Are Looking Italy For A New Ground Of Investment After Acquiring An Italian Golden Visa

A few benefits tempt investors to secure a Italian Golden Visa. First, they consider the place a prime location in the middle parts of Europe, rich in culture and history.

Being an attractive destination for expats and international families, investors would not only flourish themselves but also enrich the economic strength of the country.

Due to the Italy Golden Visa, people can now receive Italian citizenship after applying within a few months.

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They can provide you with a golden visa by taking the responsibility on their shoulders.

What is a Golden Visa Program

The Italian government managed to launch this golden visa in 2017, and since then, it has been ruling the heads of the investors.

They are striving to invest in this country to make profits, side by side to get permanent citizenship and encourage foreign direct investment.

Therefore, the other name of this Italy Golden Visa is “Investor Visa for Italy.”

In other words, it is a token given to non-EU citizens to stay in this country after getting a permanent citizenship card in exchange for an investment in the country’s economy.

But, some changes have also been made in 2017, which made the plan change for the past two years.

Valid for two years and renewable for three additional years, the program is ideal for investors seeking to live in the heart of Europe, in a vibrant country.

How to Get the Italy Golden Visa

To get the golden visa in Italy, you have to opt for one of the following investment routes as described below-

  • An Investment of at least €2,000,000 should be procured in government bonds.
  • Opt for making secure investments of €500,000 in corporate bonds or shares
  • At Least €250,000 investment in innovative start-ups can be your option to gain the golden visa.
  • The philanthropic donation can secure a golden visa after investing at least €1,000,000.

Invest requirements are as follows-

  • Declare donation in the visa application, and clarify that the donation is made within three months of entry into Italy.
  • Maintain the original investment plans, which are examined by the visa department for authenticity and are secured for the entire period of validity of the permit.

What is the Application Processing Time for the Italian Golden Visa

In the initial month, you have to submit your document first. Then, in the first month of visa processing, receive your Nulla Osta Certificate.

After that, you should apply for the investor visa and receive it in one to six months. Apply for the Italy Residence permit and accept it in one to two years. After two years, renew your visa for the next three years.

Remember, the renewal procedure is different, and you must undergo the process with authentic documents and validation.

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