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Wedding Cake Stand: Top 4 Amazing Tips To Choose The Right One



Wedding Cake Stand: Top 4 Amazing Tips To Choose The Right One

The wedding cake is one of the most significant aspects of the big day, and picking the appropriate cake stand is as critical.

A lovely cake stand will improve your cake’s appearance, which will also increase its stability and ease of cutting.

Finding the ideal fit might be challenging with various sizes and fashion options available.

The steps to selecting the perfect size wedding cake stand for your big day are outlined in this article.

To know more about wedding cake stands, wedding cake, Wedding Chiefs are here to guide you and make you feel better.


The first thing to consider when selecting a wedding cake stand is the size of your cake.

Your cake stand should be able to hold up the weight and size of your cake without any see-saw or instability.

To determine the size of the cake stand you need, measure the diameter of your cake board or cake tiers.

The stand you select should at least match the size of your cake board or cake tiers. However, it can be great if you’d like.

If your cake has multiple tiers, you may need a cake stand with various levels to accommodate them.

Also, if your cake is heavier than average, you might pick a cake stand with a more extensive base.

Remember to consider the cake’s height as well; you want it to be a manageable height for your stand.

Number of Guests

The number of people you will be feeding should be considered when selecting a wedding cake stand.

A more undersized cake stand will suffice if you’re having a small wedding with only a few guests.

You will need a bigger cake stand to fit an enormous cake if you’re hosting a massive wedding with many guests.

As a general rule of thumb, a 6-inch cake serves 8-10 people; an 8-inch cake serves 12-16 people, a 10-inch cake serves 20-24 people; and a 12-inch cake serves 30-40 people.

Make sure to consider any additional servings you may need if you’re doing other desserts alongside your cake.

Style of Your Wedding

The design and concept of your wedding should be reflected in your wedding cake stand and supporting your cake.

A wooden cake stand may be a great fit if you’re having a rustic or outdoor wedding.

A cake stand made of crystal or metal may be more suited for a formal wedding.

While selecting a cake stand, keep in mind the hues, textures, and general design of your wedding.

If you cannot find a cake stand that suits your style, it is suitable to decorate one yourself.

If you can’t find a cake stand that matches your style, consider decorating one yourself.

You can simply DIY a cake stand with a paint coat or ribbon to match your wedding decor. This may also be a fantastic way to personalize your wedding décor while saving money.

Height of Your Cake Stand

The height of your cake stand can also impact the overall look of your wedding cake.

A tall cake stand can make a smaller cake appear larger and more dramatic. A shorter cake stand can create a more intimate and classic look.

A tall cake stand may enhance the luxury of a multi-tiered cake. On the other hand, a shorter cake stand might help draw attention to the cake’s elements if it’s an exact one-tier cake.

While picking a design that goes with your wedding’s theme, be sure to consider the height of your cake stand.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right size wedding cake stand is essential to ensure the cake looks and tastes as good as possible.

Consider the size of the cake, the number of guests, the style of the wedding, and the height of the cake stand when making your decision.

Remember that the cake stand is not just a functional piece but also a decorative one, so take your time and choose one that matches your wedding theme.

With the suitable cake stand, your wedding cake will be a beautiful centerpiece that you and your guests will remember for years.

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