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How To Use Social Media To Enhance e-Commerce Business

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How To Use Social Media To Enhance E-Commerce Business

It seems like Social Media and e-commerce are made for each other because social media platforms have been used all over the world to connect with users for a while now. It is like a match made in heaven and more & more users are now using social media for research purposes and to get to know more about a particular brand or product.

Currently, most social media networks offer free solutions for e-commerce companies such as the listing of products, advertising, selling products, customer service, etc, all of which can push your sales.

Social Media can be used effectively to generate leads and convert those leads into sales and if you are looking to promote your brand or product using social media then we will be looking at wags that can help your e-Commerce store:

Create Brand Awareness about your e-Commerce store

If you are launching a new product or store online then before you launch it, you should create hype about it on social media. If people don’t know your brand or product then they aren’t gonna buy anything and it would mean that no sales would be generated. However, if you start to build hype and buzz around social media about your brand/product then this hype will be worth it as it would mean more sales for you.

Some would argue that social media is already overflooded with brands and while this is true, there is always room available for newbies. If you follow a unique social media awareness strategy and stay consistent then you will be able to build brand awareness and reach your target audience.

Sell Your Products from your e-Commerce store

You can also sell your products directly through social media and this is where social media e-commerce is most effective. There are different social platforms available where you can sell your product. You can use Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for native shopping solutions for business accounts or you can display your products on social platforms and if people are interested then they can buy the product from your website.

You can list the products that you want to sell on your Facebook, Instagram, or any other social handle and from there people would be able to buy your product. The best thing about this is that it is completely free and you can set it up in no time, just have to list your product and that’s it. You can also list your product on your brand page and users can inquire more about the product in your inbox and order directly from there, with the payment option as cash-on-delivery.

Provide Customer Service

Social Media can be another way by which you can provide social media service to your customers. You may be reaching new heights on Social Media but one thing that you shouldn’t forget is that your existing customers are as important as the old ones and it is your job to provide them with the best customer service.

Even if you have a separate team that is dedicated only to provide customers with support over email or phone then know that social media is also as important as other channels and you should be giving importance to social media. If your brand has a social media presence then customers will come to your profile and ask questions about different products, find information, ask questions, and give feedback. Therefore, it is imperative that you also dedicate some workforce to social media handles to provide customer service to your dedicated customers.

You should be very conscious about the way how you answer your customers on social media as it is a representative of your brand and if customers are happy with you on social media then know that there will be a good image of your brand on social media and users all over the internet on different platforms such as Twitter, Omegle and different socializing platforms including Chatroulette, Reddit, Snapchat, etc will be talking about your brand.

Encourage Customers To Share Pictures Of Your Product

Positive comments and reviews from customers can be huge and it can be proof that people are satisfied with your product. You can encourage your customers to share their pictures or videos in which they feature your products and along with that, tag your brand account with it. For instance, you can ask your customers to put a story on Instagram in which they showcase your product and mention your brand. You can re-share that story on your brand profile and it will be like social proof that customers are happy with your products.

This will also make your customers feel like they are important to your brand and it will help build a strong relationship between you and your customers. Plus, every time one of your customers showcases your product on social media, it will also be visible among his/her followers and it will create brand awareness among them too.



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