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Factors To Consider When Shipping from China to US

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Shipping from China to US

China is well known for its best innovative manufactured products across the globe. The USA has been one of the beneficiaries and number one of China’s importers of machinery, electronics, and other products. There are numerous factors to consider before placing your first shipping from China to USA.

Importers who produce products in China for sale in the United States can choose from various transportation methods, including sea freight, air freight, and express shipping. However, besides sourcing suppliers, another essential issue for importing from China is the high delivery cost and cumbersome shipping process.

It is possible to say that the benefits of the four major express carriers differ. The price is determined by the following factors: destination country, good’s actual weight, volume size, and aging. Various weight sections have their benefits, and for some susceptible commodities, not all international express is possible; also, certain types of goods correlates to particular logistics routes.

Factors To Consider When Shipping

When sourcing products from China, there are numerous factors to consider as an importer. When it pertains to shipping, you need your cargo delivered safely on schedule, and at a reasonable freight rate. However, if you need to move a larger volume of products, three options to consider are express freight, ocean freight, and air freight.

China Shipping Methods

All three forms of transportation-land, air, and sea-play an essential part in our economy. Each provides advantages that the other form of transportation may lack. It is up to you to make an informed decision about which manner of shipment will be most profitable to your enterprise.

Express Freight

Express shipping is a specialized service offered by several carriers to shorten the time it takes for an item to arrive, hence speeding up the shipping process. Express shipping is mainly done via air when it comes to overseas shipment. Express freight is the quickest way to get the load to the receiver.

Air Freight

Airfreight delivery services refer to the transfer and shipment of cargo using an air carrier, whether charter or commercial. Such supplies are delivered from passenger and commercial airlines destinations to any location where planes can fly and land.

Air freight’s rapid shipping possibilities make it an excellent alternative for managing timesensitive shipments to practically any location on the planet.

Airfreight can be especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses because it allows them to participate in international trade quickly and efficiently. Shipping by air also provides high protection because airport cargo rules are enforced.

Ocean Freight from China

Goods are packed in shipping containers, the freight forwarder books the slot or receptacle with the shipping agency, the cargo is trucked to the ship at the port of origin, and the load is sent overseas to the importer at the destination port in ocean freight shipping. 90% of shipments worldwide, including the U.S., use ocean freight. The payload can approximately take two to four weeks to sail from China to the West coast of the United States, and to the east coast can take three to five weeks.

Have All the Relevant Documentation

The clearance process is the primary source of shipping delays from China to the United States. You must organize all required documents and paperwork to guarantee a seamless customs clearance process. Essential documents you need when shipping goods to the U.S. include

Bill of Lading

Inward Cargo Manifest

U.S. Custom Invoice

packing list

Commercial invoice

Filling out the correct documentation for your specific shipment can be difficult, but following the proper procedure means avoiding high taxes and delays at the customs.

China Freight Forwarder

Dealing with paperwork and customs obligations can be a bit hectic. A freight forwarder can save you a significant amount of time and errors when it comes to shipment. Freight forwarders can utilize their connections and skills to minimize costs by securing the best prices and locating alternate shipping routes in inclement weather.

Overseas freight forwarders often handle foreign shipments and have additional skills in compiling and processing customs papers and executing international shipments-related tasks. Hiring a freight forwarding agency is recommended unless you are global shipping expertise.

Shipment Timing

Shipping from China is pricier at various seasons of the year. There is a labor scarcity during the holiday season, resulting in slower and more expensive shipments. Take note of the Chinese holidays and plan your shipments accordingly. Timing can save your company a significant amount of time and money.

The delays induced by Chinese holidays are a common problem for many importers. Shipping delays are frequent, particularly during the Chinese New Year. Although all shipping ports in China are open 365 days a year, not all regional carriers operate on significant holidays.

These are the Holidays China has in a year.

. Chinese New Year – Late January to Mid-February Qingming Festival – Early April

• 3-day Dragon Boat Festival at end of June.

Early October Mid-Autumn Festival.

Golden Week in October.

China’s National Day in early October.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs are transporting merchandise from China to the United States. Depending on the type of agreement, the shipping charges may include the number of goods and different components.

Presently, average freight prices for different shipping modes range approximately from $5 to $9 per kilo for Air Express from China to the US. Airfreight from China to the US costs between $4 and $8 per kg. Ocean freight from China to the US costs between $300 and $3900 per container.

Effectively Package

Although suppliers handle the bulk of the product packaging, it can be pretty helpful to intervene in the process. Appropriate packaging can lead to cost savings on materials, make more room for cargo, and protect your items from damage.

Contact your supplier and ask if packaging effectiveness may be increased. Because cargo space is the most critical aspect of maritime freight, optimizing your packaging to conserve space should be prioritized.


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