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Disney CEO Chapek Bleeds The Company

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Disney CEO Chapek Bleeds The Company

(CTN News) – After Disney’s earnings dropped by 13% to a 52-week low, Jim Cramer declared that Disney CEO Bob Chapek “leave.””to proceed.”

Chapek announced plans for cost cutting, including layoffs, within hours. He will balance Disney’s profitability and his own position at the expense of the employees who will be terminated.

Additionally, there was no mention of him taking a pay cut as a means of making amends.

The investor rage against Disney CEO and Chapek is a result of the company’s losing battle in the streaming business. The company’s leading streaming service, Disney+, added 12.1 million subscribers in the third quarter, at the cost of a loss of $1.47 billion.

This brings the total number of members to 162.2 million. Additionally, Chapek stated that subscription growth would slow down.

According to Chapek, the Disney CEO film library, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and legacy films would be sufficient to attract millions of subscribers.

It worked for a number of quarters. In addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and at least another dozen large streaming services, Disney CEO ran into a buzz saw. Apple has recently joined this group of competitors.

As with most companies in the streaming sector, Disney is plagued by problems. Typically, most people do not pay for more than a certain number of services per month. There is consensus that the number is three. This battle has been financially ugly enough to lead to a 50% drop in Netflix stock as a result of the competition for these three spaces.

It is difficult for others to overcome Amazon’s and Apple’s advantages. There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the country. Each year, sells hundreds of millions of items. There is a package known as Amazon Prime.

Prime video accounts for only a portion of the service. Among the benefits of a subscription are free shipping, early access to popular items, online storage, and a comprehensive music service. It is also well positioned to create original content without affecting its bottom line, as it has both the revenue and balance sheet to do so.

Apple may have the greatest advantage when it comes to streaming services. Any company in America cannot match its revenue and balance sheet.

It is therefore able to produce a large amount of content as a result of this. The company also has the built-in capability to distribute billions of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. All of these services can be bundled with the company’s video service.

As a result of Chapek’s aggressive growth strategy, Disney CEO streaming business grew too quickly. Getting those last few million subscribers becomes extremely expensive in a saturated market.

Additionally, Disney CEO board of directors extended Chapek’s contract by three years in June, adding insult to injury for the employees who will be laid off. Over the course of this period, he is likely to earn tens of millions of dollars.


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