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Cruise Ship With ‘Largest Waterpark At Sea’ Leaves People Speechless

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Cruise Ship With 'Largest Waterpark At Sea' Leaves People Speechless

(CTN News) – In a sneak peek at a brand-new cruise ship that will debut early next year, tourists have been left reeling after catching a glimpse of the “largest waterpark at sea” on board for the first time.

As part of Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas, there will be seven pools and six record-breaking slides. Images of the ship have already caught the attention of internet users, who have been blown away by its epic design.

A number of cruisers said they could not believe what they saw in the promo shots, while others decided that cruising was for them. In spite of this, one viewer, whose username is @heidistephens, reported to The Mirror that she was extremely excited about the prospect of jumping aboard.

Having just seen the picture of a new Royal Caribbean cruise ship, she tweeted: “Can’t stop looking at it. I just had my son describe it as ‘human lasagne’. This is my idea of hell.”

The post Heidi shared garnered over 46,000 likes in just the first twenty-four hours after it was shared on Facebook, but many disagreed with her point of view. “It looks like a lot of fun! Especially if you have kids. All activities are available in one place, which is a plus,” said a fan of the park.

I read another comment that said: “This looks crazy to get Cruise Ship..” And someone else said they wouldn’t want to travel on a cruise ship, but they added that, “As far as feats of engineering are concerned, these are absolute marvels of the future.”

One Twitter user even asked: “Is this a cake or a ship?”. While another jokester joked: “Yeah, I’d eat that cake.”, people also made comparisons between the vibrant, tiered design of the shop and a cake, with one asking: “Cake or ship?”.

Having described the ship as having a “pool for every mood”, the giant ship will also be home to the world’s tallest drop slide and the Cruise Ship first racing duo, and will also boast the world’s tallest drop slide at sea.

How much does it cost to go to a cruise ship?

A cruise can cost anywhere from about $120 per person for a two-night Caribbean cruise to up to $95,000 per person for a nearly 150-night world cruise and anywhere in between. Cruise fares vary based on itinerary, number of nights, cabin type and cruise line.


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