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Binance Says No Data Has Been Leaked And User Accounts Are Safe

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Binance Says No Data Has Been Leaked And User Accounts Are Safe

(CTN News) – It has been reported that Binance has denied allegations of a data breach and code exposure following reports that there was an extended period of time during which certain internal passwords may have been exposed on GitHub.

It has come to our attention on January 31 that 404 Media, a publication, raised concerns regarding what it described as a “highly sensitive cache of code,” including passwords and technical information that is publicly accessible in a GitHub repository.

In response to Binance submitting a request for a copyright takedown, the information was removed from GitHub. In this request, Binance suggested that the internal code had been posted on GitHub without the company’s authorization, and was linked to Binance’s important data.

For the exchange, this was a cause for concern, as it could result in financial harm as well as confusion among the users within the exchange.

A detailed assessment has been conducted by security team in response to the claims, according to the exchange’s customer support team.

It was stated that “there is no such leak from Binance’s systems” and users were assured that their accounts remained secure.
By responding in this manner, Binance demonstrates its commitment to user security and its approach to addressing potential threats. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of reporting security vulnerabilities and issues as soon as possible.

There is still a need for cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a result of their potential for financial gain, they are attractive targets for cybercriminals. In this regard, they must remain vigilant in protecting the data of their users and maintaining the integrity of their systems.


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