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AT&T Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over 70 Million Customers’ Data Breach

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(CTN News) – The company AT&T is facing a class action lawsuit over a significant data breach that compromises customers’ personal information, accusing the company of negligence and breach of contract in connection with the incident.

Plaintiffs, representing more than 70 million current and former AT&T customers, filed a lawsuit on April 3, claiming that their names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and personal identifiers were exposed in an extensive data breach.

AT&T denied the breach ever took place and refused to investigate further after it learned about it in August 2021, when hackers auctioned off the database of 70 million customers’ personally identifiable information in an online hacking forum.

It was alleged that AT&T failed to investigate the breach of personal information for nearly three years, and as a result, it was negligent and breached its contractual obligations.

In a press release issued by Cohen Milstein, Douglas McNamara, a partner at the law firm Cohen Milstein, stated that AT&T failed to properly protect the data of its current and former customers.

The company is under a legal obligation to safeguard customer information, at the very least, if it intends to use it for the company’s commercial benefit, and if it has the power to require its customers to hand over that information.

It is alleged that AT&T was negligent in handling sensitive customer information by failing to monitor its security measures and failing to act promptly when a breach was discovered, leading to the loss of sensitive customer information.

At&T has been accused of breaching the terms of its contract with customers by asserting in its privacy notice that it will safeguard sensitive personal data and notify customers if there is a data breach.

According to the complaint, AT&T has breached its contract.

It was supposed that the data of former customers would be disposed of once no longer required, but 65.4 million of these records have been exposed.

As a result of what has happened, the plaintiffs are being represented by Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, Barnes Law Group, Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP, and Dicello Levitt LLP. For customers who are interested in participating in the case and who are currently or have been with AT&T can fill out this form.


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