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Aldi Shoppers Go Crazy Over a £16 Dupe Of Malfy’s Premium Pink Gin



Aldi Shoppers Go Crazy Over a £16 Dupe Of Malfy's Premium Pink Gin

(CTN News) – Following the announcement on Aldi’s Official Facebook page, Aldi has delighted customers with its new £15.99 Pink Grapefruit Gin alternative to Malfy’s £29 Pink Grapefruit Gin that was shared with shoppers. Budget supermarket wrote in an article: “This Pink Grapefruit Gin looks amazing, doesn’t it?”.

“It’s the perfect refreshing summer time drink to enjoy with friends… Rosa maybe. Stop by the store now for your bottle!” The comment section was abuzz with fans noticing a similarity between the stylish brew and the premium product.

As Debbie Lorraine said, “I think I’ll give this a try since it looks exactly like my favorite (and very expensive) Italian pink grapefruit gin. I also love the bottle colours.

It’s less than half the price, so I’ll have to try it.” Lucy Proctor said, “I think this is an excellent dupe for Malfy Aldi Gin.”

It looks nice, wonder if it’s like Malfy stuff XX.” Hanna Hepple typed a friend and said: “This looks nice, wonder if it’s like Malfy stuff XX.” Natalie La Pierre said: “Tastes like Malfy gin.”

Robert Leat said: “Tastes like Malfy gin.” Hanna Hepple said: “This is really nice… I’m not in the UK at the moment, please keep this

In the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), Aldi’s new 70cl bottle of Haysmith’s Grapefruit Gin won a bronze medal for its quality at the IWSC.

This is a great deal as shoppers can save 45 percent on Malfy’s Rosa Sicilian Pink Grapefruit Gin (£29) by paying only £15.99, almost half the price of Malfy’s £29 Rosa Sicilian Pink Grapefruit Gin.

The gin’s description reads as follows: “Flavors of grapefruit and lemon mingled with piney aromas of juniper and bitter orange create a refreshingly vibrant gin that is bursting with zesty, citrus-y flavours.”

A Mediterranean tonic, plenty of ice, and a slice of fruit can be served with it, or you can add 50ml of prosecco and a few sprigs of thyme to transport your taste buds to the Amalfi Coast.

The description of Aldi Malfy’s Pink Gin reads, “With a zesty and citrusy taste of pink grapefruit, and a rich, long juniper finish, Malfy Gin Rosa is a bright and refreshing gin.”

Handpicked juniper, Italian lemons, and fresh Sicilian pink grapefruit are among the finest botanicals used in this liqueur produced in Italy.

The most popular way to enjoy this Italian gin is over ice with a Mediterranean tonic and a Aldi pink grapefruit wheel. You can also make an Amalfi Sunset Spritz to experience the Amalfi Coast.


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