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After The IPO Cancellation, Alibaba Made Significant Management Changes.

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After The IPO Cancellation, Alibaba Made Significant Management Changes.

(CTN News) – Alibaba is undertaking a restructuring of its cloud computing division, aiming to revitalize the unit after the cancellation of its public listing.

This move demonstrates the company’s ambition to take advantage of the growing demand for artificial intelligence, which heavily relies on the strong infrastructure provided by cloud providers.

Alibaba will focus on three specific business units within the cloud sector: public cloud, hybrid cloud, and cloud infrastructure. While these divisions already existed, the company has now appointed new executives to oversee them, who will report directly to the top leadership.

Weiguang Liu will lead the public cloud division and Jin Li will head the hybrid cloud unit at Alibaba, according to an anonymous source.

Both will report to group CEO Eddie Wu. Jiangwei Jiang will be in charge of the cloud infrastructure unit and report to the Chief Technology Officer of the cloud division, Jingren Zhou.

All three executives have a long history with Alibaba.

The company has not released an official statement yet. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper Leifeng.

This reorganization follows the cancellation of Alibaba’s cloud unit IPO, resulting in a loss of over $20 billion in value.

Earlier this year, Alibaba underwent a major restructuring, dividing the company into six business units. Daniel Zhang resigned as CEO in September and later stepped down as head of the cloud business.

Alibaba faces competition in China’s cloud market, particularly in the state-owned enterprise and government sector. To counter this, the company will focus on the public cloud, with an emphasis on AI applications that require significant computing power.

The cloud intelligence group will prioritize the public cloud and increase investments in AI-related software and hardware technologies. The demand for cloud computing will be driven by the need for AI, with most AI computing conducted in the cloud.


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