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5 Reasons Why Workpuls Productivity Tracker Offers More Than Hubstaff

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5 Reasons Why Workpuls Productivity Tracker Offers More Than Hubstaff

The fact is that the global economic crisis that followed the Covid-19 outbreak hit hard. It forced numerous businesses to shut down or undertake unpopular measures, like firing or furloughing employees, to stay afloat and survive this devastating impact. Workpuls Productivity Tracker Offers More Than Hubstaff.

Also, managers quickly realized that they have to embrace technological solutions and digitize their businesses to adapt to the major shift in the workplace with millions of people working from home. They needed to choose effective solutions to communicate with their workers, manage projects and keep productivity high in these changed circumstances.

Therefore, the increased demand for efficient employee monitoring and time tracking software didn’t come as a surprise. Nowadays, you can find various productivity tracking systems that, at a first glance, offer similar options. For this reason, we decided to take a better look at Workpuls and Hubstaff employee monitoring software and help you choose the one that will perfectly fit your business needs.

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Although Hubstaff offers some services, like employee scheduling and GPS tracking, Workpuls has some spectacular features that you won’t find in Hubstaff. These features will help you boost productivity, manage projects more efficiently and keep your business running successfully.

Here are five reasons why you should opt for Workpuls over Hubstaff when choosing workforce analytics software to elevate your business.

Workpuls is Easy to Install and Use Monitoring Software

Knowing that you can install Workulse in a couple of clicks, for even over a thousand users, is a huge advantage. Apart from the simple installation process, Workpuls offers a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to navigate and learn about.

Furthermore, the Workpuls dashboard offers numerous invaluable info for employers and employees. Namely, allowing employees access to their track records will help them see what their strong sides are or what they need to improve to be more productive. This transparency is much-needed to assure employers that the productivity tracker works to their advantage.

Contrary to Hubstaff, Workpuls also offers on-premise hosting. In this way, you’ll ensure additional security for your confidential data, providing servers while we’ll provide data.

Automatic Tracking is One of the Workpuls’ Most Favorable Features

Hubstaff may boost the advanced feature that you can use to improve team management and shift planning, allowing you to store availability and time-off requests in one place.

However, nothing compares to Workpuls’ real-time activity time tracking. Namely, Workpuls starts tracking time and activity the moment a computer starts working without demanding additional manual work, avoiding human errors.

Therefore, this efficient productivity tracking tool will confirm that your employees are working, and providing automated attendance timesheets.

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Workpuls Offers Unparalleled Productivity Tracking Features

Keeping their employees highly motivated and productive while working from home, is one of the greatest challenges managers have to face nowadays. Here’s where Workpuls workforce analytics software may come as an irreplaceable ally. Besides offering standard productivity tracking features, Workpuls will allow you to track progress on numerous projects and tasks simultaneously, providing reports on productivity scores, benchmarks, and trends. This will help you manage projects better, saving time and resources.

Furthermore, by using Workpuls, you’ll be able to track the performance of your office and remote employees separately, following different projects.

Also, you’ll have detailed insight into the way your workers use various apps and websites during work hours. In this way, you’ll see how much time they spend on unproductive, productive, or neutral sites and take the necessary steps to improve their productivity on the spot. This is, also, one of the advanced features the Hubstaff lacks.

Stealth Mode That Enhances Network Security

With most businesses moving their operations online, the number of damaging cyber threats has boomed. This worrying situation enticed business owners to take extra steps to additionally protect their vulnerable data. Workpuls may safeguard this valuable information by working in stealth mode tracking activities of potentially suspicious employees or those handling sensitive data.

This will enable you to discover the source of harmful action, and prepare better to prevent similar dangerous situations in the future.

Workpuls Gives You the Whole Package at Reasonable Price

Even though Hubspot may seem to offer a bunch of useful features, they make a huge difference between their starter and premium package. Namely, by choosing the Starter package at $8 per user you’ll get access to basic time tracking features available for a limited number of teams and projects. Meaning that if you want to try out the advanced Hubstaff features that we’ve mentioned, you’ll have to get the Premium package at a staggering $14 per user.

When compared to this Hubstaff pricing, Workpuls’ offer will look irresistible. Namely, for $6.40, you’ll get all the outstanding Workpuls features to boost productivity and team performance, helping your business grow.

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