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Your Old Car Is Still Worth Money



Your Old Vehicle Is Still Worth Money

Whether old car is still drivable or needs a tow, your junker car may still be worth some money. It’s relatively easy to sell a used vehicle, as long as it’s in good working condition. Even if the car has a few dents and scratches if the engine turns over you can still find a buyer.

But what about vehicles that are falling apart and the motor hasn’t worked in years?

You don’t want it sitting in your yard or driveway turning into an eyesore. You also can’t leave it parked on the street.

Eventually, the municipality will tow the vehicle away. However, this service isn’t free and it can also come with a few expensive parking tickets.

The last thing you want is to continue shelling out money on the old car.

There is another option, you can schedule car removal with a Sunshine Coast towing service.

Old Car Cash

Getting Rid of Your Old Car for Money

Using a scrap car removal Sunshine Coast is an easy process to get money for your old car. After finding a junkyard in your area, find out if they offer free towing services.

The only reason the tow is free is because you are allowing the salvage yard to take possession of the vehicle. Once the car is at the junkyard, they will remove any useable parts for resale. What’s left over goes into the scrap pile.

Since the scrap metal yard is making a profit off of your beater car, it only seems fair that you get to put some money in your pockets.

Don’t expect a large check but you will get a little cash.

Old Car

What to Know Before Selling Your Car for Cash

Most car removal Sunshine Coast services have a few requirements before they agree to pick up your old vehicle. They don’t care about the vehicle’s condition, so you can skip the inspection. However, most scrap yards will ask for the car title.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the title, you can still get rid of the car for some cash. The junkyard will tow the car away, but you will have to pay a lost title fee. Fee amounts typically range from $50 to $150.

Depending on how much the scrap yard is willing to pay for the vehicle, the fee can take up a large percentage of your profit.

It’s also a good idea to check with the scrap yard about vehicle removal costs. The tow is typically free unless you are outside their pick-up zone. It’s typically a few miles from the junkyard. It’s why it’s usually best to contact a scrap yard in your neighborhood.

After deciding on a scrap car removal service on the Sunshine Coast, the next step is to call and schedule a pick-up time.

From there, you and the tow truck driver will take care of the necessary paperwork. It usually only involves signing the vehicle over to the salvage yard. The last step is to collect your cash and watch your old car ride away.

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