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Couple Arrested for Car Title Loan Theft and Fraud



Couple Arrested for Car Title Loan Theft and Fraud

A man and a woman were arrested after allegedly stealing a vehicle pledged as collateral for a US$1000 car title loan and then refusing to return it when the owner tried to pay them back.

They are suspected to be involved in a car-loan scam run by a gang of embezzlers.

Tharet Poolairiab, 29, and Supaporn Jit-on, 31, were arrested on Monday for alleged embezzlement and accepting the presumed stolen property, Pol Maj Gen Montree Thetkhan, commander of the Crime Suppression Division, announced on Tuesday.

Police also seized from them a Honda CR-V sports utility vehicle that was part of the alleged car title loan.

Apparently, Ms Supaporn had left the car with him as collateral for a car title loan of $1000.00. After the initial deduction from the loan capital by the creditor, the debtor received US$900.00 after applying for the loan through a Facebook page called “Money Car”.

Car title loans on Facebook

Two months later, the debtor wanted to repay the loan, but Ms Supaporn failed to return the car, saying it was at a used car shop in Bangkok. The car owner then discovered the vehicle was being sold on another Facebook page.

A complaint was filed with Ban Ped police station in Khon Kaen province. Afterwards, the case was transferred to the Crime Suppression Division.

Undercover police arrested Mr Tharet on Lat Pla Khao Road in Bang Khen District, Bangkok, on Monday in a sting operation pretending they wanted to buy the pledged car, CSD superintendent Pol Col Wiwat Jitsopakul said.

Mr Tharet told the police that he had only been hired to deliver the vehicle. Furthermore, he only worked for the creditor. After his arrest, Ms Supaporn surrendered herself to the police in Khon Kaen’s Muang district.

All charges against her were denied. She did, however, have a history of similar offences. In this year alone, nine-car title loan embezzlements, fraud and computer crime charges have been filed against her.

According to Pol Col Wiwat, it is believed that she was part of a gang that sold about 100 cars worth about US$2,972,650.00 as collateral on loans.

Investigative efforts are also being extended to find the car title loan gang leaders.

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