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Will Mini LED Displays Be the Future Trend of the Automotive LED Light?

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Future Trend of the Automotive LED Light

The automotive industry is always evolving by integrating the latest technology. As an integral part of the smart automotive, the automotive monitor is also undergoing changes.

For example, Mini LED displays are increasingly utilized as the automotive LED light. As they gain more popularity, the important consideration is whether they can become the preferred option for the automotive industry in the future.

This requires clarity in understanding the current displays used in the automotive industry and the development of automotive LED lights.


Drawbacks of LCD Displays Applied to the Automotive Industry

Now, the LCD display remains the most commonly used option due to its lower price.

However, the LCD display has some clear drawbacks compared to automotive LED light, making it a less attractive option in the automotive industry.

Low Contrast

The LCD suffers from low contrast, so colors are hardly as well presented as they should be.

Worse still, even a well-designed LCD struggles to display the black color correctly as it often comes off as dark gray.

On the contrary, a display powered by automotive LED light has far deeper blacks and generally offers better contrast, meaning a wider variety of colors can be shown through these displays.

Thus, the automotive LED light-powered display can offer a premium viewing experience to the user.

Low Brightness

The LCD is generally limited by its technology when achieving high brightness levels.

Generally, the lower brightness of LCDs makes the colors appear dull and unappealing to the user.

Due to low brightness, the biggest challenge for the user is the sunlight legibility of the display.

Most LCDs have inferior performance on sunny days because they cannot achieve the required brightness level for maintaining visibility when exposed to sunlight.

Conversely, the automotive LED light addresses this problem and ensures that the display is bright enough to maintain visibility in a sunny environment.

Poor Display Performance

The content on LCDs appears to be pixelated and unclear. Also, the animations displayed on them sometimes are jittery and unsmooth.

All of these factors result in a less stellar user experience. However, things are generally much better in the case of automotive LED light-powered displays.

They have much more fluid animations with a smoother display of content. Consequently, the viewer finds LED displays with a better overall experience.

The Current Growth of Mini LED in Automotive Industry

In light of the drawbacks identified for LCDs, Mini LED is superior to LCD displays in contrast, brightness, and display performance, offering a better user experience.

Plus, Mini LED displays are generally more power efficient. In the environment-conscious world where energy consumption requirements are being kept in check, this is a valuable trait to have moving forward.

Meanwhile, many LED-leading companies have made great efforts in developing automotive LED lights, one of which is Refond.

Their Mini LED backlight products have been used in all scenes inside and outside the automotive.

Also, many automotive companies have applied the Mini LED backlight technology to their automotive display screens.

For instance, Cadillac has adopted a 33-inch ring screen Mini LED-backlit super retina screen in LYRIQ.

Similarly, The VISION EQXX, a pure electric vehicle of Mercedes-Benz, is also equipped with a 47.7-inch Mini LED display screen.

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Future Trend for Automotive Mini Displays

In the short term, there are some benefits of adopting an LCD. However, the benefits of Mini LED displays in the automotive industry only increase and give better value to the end user in the long term.

As a new generation display technology, Mini LED technology can meet the needs of automobile manufacturers as it features high contrast and brightness, durability, and adaptability to the curved surface and the complex light environment in the car.

According to the research, the number of Mini LED backlit screens for vehicles is projected to increase from less than 10 thousand in 2021 to 4.5 million in 2025, with a compound annual growth of up to 159%, showing a broad prospect in the future.


Mini LED has ushered in high-speed development in the automotive industry and is expected to play a greater role in the automotive market.

As a far-sighted LED supplier, Refond has recognized the importance of using Mini LED displays as the automotive LED light.

It offers state-of-the-art Mini LED displays that cater to the new trend in the automotive industry.

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