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Tesla Engineer Injured After Alleged Factory Robot Attack in Austin, Texas



Tesla Engineer Injured After Alleged Factory Robot Attack in Austin, Texas

A Tesla robot recently suffered a major malfunction and ended up attacking an engineer at the manufacturing factory in Austin, Texas. A Tesla insider said two employees watched in terror as the robot attacked their coworker.

The Tesla robot was built to grab and transfer freshly cast aluminum automobile pieces.

According to reports, the robot pinned the worker, who was then programming software for two nearby disabled Tesla robots.

The robot allegedly sunk its metal claws into the worker’s back and arm, leaving a ‘trail of blood’ along the factory floor. According to reports, the victim suffered a ‘open wound’ on his left hand as a result of the event.

The attack happened in 2021, according to an injury report filed with Travis County and federal regulators.

According to the article, as the wounded Tesla engineer struggled to extricate himself from the assembly robot’s clutches, a coworker pressed an emergency ‘stop‘ button.

Once free, the engineer allegedly plummeted a few feet down a scrap aluminum chute.

Tesla Robots

In addition, Tesla reported no more robot-related injuries to authorities at the Texas factory in 2021 or 2022. The incident comes after years of increased worry about the dangers of autonomous robots in the workplace.

An industrial robot crushed a worker to death earlier this year at a vegetable packaging business in South Korea.

According to police in South Korea’s southern county of Goseong, the man died of head and chest injuries after the Robot’s arms grabbed and crushed him against a conveyor belt.

The deceased employee worked for a company that installs industrial robots and was sent to the plant to ensure that the machine was operational.

According to investigators, the machine was one of two pick-and-place robots used at the plant, which packages bell peppers and other crops for export to various Asian countries.

Tesla employs a blend of robotic technology and human labor in its vehicle manufacturing operations. Nevertheless, Tesla does not publicly divulge much information regarding the technical specifications, models, or precise functions of their production robots. Tesla is renowned for its sophisticated manufacturing methods and focus on automation in its production facilities.

Tesla use robotic arms for many jobs in their production process, including welding, painting, and assembling. These robots collaborate with human workers to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Tesla’s manufacturing strategy is shaped by its CEO, Elon Musk, who has underscored the significance of automation in attaining large-scale production and cost reduction.

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