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6 Car Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle



car maintenance

Cars make our lives easier, that’s for sure, but it takes a great deal of responsibility whether you are an experienced driver or a new one. A car is crucial for many people, as car maintenance is crucial for your vehicle.

Car maintenance car can increase its lifespan and keep you safe, which is why regular auto maintenance is essential. You can do numerous car maintenance things all year to maintain your vehicle in good shape, and they can save money too.

1. Check car fluids

Your car depends on its fluids. Therefore running low on them could have terrible results. Both low and high oil levels can harm your vehicle, and low oil levels increase your risk of a breakdown. You can do a car maintenance check-up once every two weeks. The coolant reservoir and the windshield washer bottle are other areas to inspect every two weeks.

Top off your windscreen wash, especially in the cold and before long journeys, and the liquid in your cooling system.

There is almost no chance of a comfortable ride in a car without an A/C system. The air conditioning is there to be used. If you want to get a better understanding of how your car’s A/C system works, here it is.

Refrigerant gas leaks naturally from air conditioning systems over time, especially if they aren’t often used. Thus refilling your car’s air conditioning may cost more than refuelling your tank.

car maintenance

2. Inspect your tires

Undoubtedly, your car’s tires are its most important safety component. Learn which tire type and size is best for your vehicle and check your tire pressure at a nearby garage to ensure it is at the proper level. Extremely high or low tire pressure can alter how you drive, wear your tires out more quickly, and possibly shorten their relatively short lifespan.

Low tire pressure may result in more fuel being used. Remember that the tire pressure in the front and back may vary. Some experts recommend rotating your tires, which means switching the front and rear tires to balance wear and lengthen tire life.

3. Keep the Car Clean Inside and Out

In car maintenance, keep your car clean, as it may also significantly increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Dirt sticks to the framework and gets in the moving parts, accelerating wear and corrosion.

Besides winter road salt, bird excretions are quite corrosive to the paintwork too. A hard water spot remover product will remove mineral buildup, water spots, and tough stains, whereas a yearly polish will provide an extra layer of protection and avoid rust from spreading.

Use a car shampoo from JennyChem, a microfiber cloth for your car’s interior, and a spray to protect the plastic on the dashboard.

car maintenance

4. Recognize When to Replace the Battery

If left unused for long periods, the battery in your car will degrade and eventually run out of power. If your automobile is kept in a garage for a long time, think about using a trickle charger.

Jump-starting an automobile after your battery runs out of juice increases wear on the battery and increases the risk of damaging the engine system and other important electronics. Try to take your automobile out at least once per week, preferably more often in the winter.

5. Replace filters periodically

With car maintenance, it’s important to often change your car’s oil and air filters since they clog up over time. Even though both need to be replaced during regular auto maintenance, particularly the air filter, both is very easy procedures, so you might wish to complete them yourself to save money.

You may routinely increase the air filter’s lifespan by regularly cleaning it. Consult your owner’s handbook for guidance on filter replacement and cleaning.

5. Watch out for rust

Always keep an eye out for the first indications of rust and take immediate action. Rust may appear as bubbles in the paint or red, black, or white deposits on the metal’s surface. Don’t let the rust spots get worse; you should have them resprayed as soon as possible.

At least cover up the exposed bodywork with paint. A coating that deflects stones could help the front of your car prevent initial paintwork damage. You might also properly rust-proof the framework by applying wax onto the surface to prevent water from getting in.

Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

6. Schedule routine services

Regular maintenance is necessary for your car to be in good condition and last a long time. Find a trustworthy mechanic with a reputable automotive business. Service intervals are based on mileage or time under the hood.

The dashboard of many modern vehicles is equipped with warning lights that let you know when maintenance is required.

In general, you should plan to spend money on “small” services once per year and “major” services every two to three years. A minor service entails replacing the oil, oil filter, and other essential fluid replacements.

Conclusion to car maintenance tips

Routine car maintenance is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to extend the life of your car. A checklist of necessary DIY inspections will help you see issues before they become more costly to fix and may even enable you to avoid problems from emerging in the first place.

Written by Brigitte Evans

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