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Top 8 Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Rental Car

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Using a rental car service is unarguably the best thing to do when traveling to another place for business or leisure. However, whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-time car renter, you will do well to know what to expect and keep in mind for the best rental experience.

Things to Pay Attention to When Picking Up Your Rental Car

Reservation voucher:

The reservation voucher contains all the important information regarding your booking, including the times and dates of the pickup and the drop-off, the documents you need to present to collect the vehicle, insurance, and general rules and regulations governing the car rental.


Typically, you will need to have a valid driver’s license held for at least two years, proof of identity, and a credit card issued in your name. When renting abroad, the rental agency can ask for a valid passport and an International Driver’s Permit.

Rental agreement:

You must read the agreement carefully before signing it and picking up your rental car. It specifies all your rights and obligations, as well as that of the car hire Brisbane company. Sign the document only after satisfying yourself with the various clauses.

Security deposit:

You will need to pay a security deposit for the duration of your rental. The rental company will charge it to your account and refund it once you return the car and there are no claims. The amount varies from company to company, and the value of the car selected and the duration of the rental influence the amount.

Car inspection:

You should inspect the car thoroughly before delivery and ensure the rental agency records all the dents, scratches, and nicks. Otherwise, it will hold you responsible for them and charge you for the repairs. Taking photographs of all the damage is a good idea.

What Should You Do When Dropping Off the Car?


Read your agreement to find out if you need to refill the tank when dropping the car off or if you can return it empty. It is good practice to refill the tank yourself since the rental company doing it will usually be much more expensive.

Car inspection:

Have the car inspected when dropping it off to prevent being charged for damage existing at the time of pickup. Ensure you clean the car before returning it to avoid an extra cleaning charge. According to Forbes, the inspection on return is vital even if the rest of the process is digital.


You must obtain a receipt confirming you have returned the rental car from the rental company staff. It is the only proof you have that you have returned the car. The receipt should contain the details of the time and date of return, the odometer reading, and the fuel tank status.


Renting a car and returning it is a simple process. However, you need to be alert and keep in mind all the critical elements so that the car rental company does not take advantage of your ignorance or carelessness and slap you with extra charges. Reading the agreement in detail will generally prevent you from being taken on a ride.


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