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Saudi Arabia’s Massive ‘Turtle-Shaped Floating City’ Can Accommodate 60,000 People



Saudi Arabia's Massive 'Turtle-Shaped Floating City' Can Accommodate 60,000 People

(CTN NEWS) – In Saudi Arabia, an Italian designer has announced plans to build the world’s first floating city, valued at $8 billion. It is expected that the city will be completed in 2033.

As more borders open after the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘terayachts’, a ship larger than super, mega, and gigayacht, may become the main attraction of global travel.

Pangeos, a luxury vessel designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, will be the largest and most impressive boat in the world if all goes according to plan, reports LifestyleAsia.

Based On The Supercontinent Pangea

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the supercontinent Pangea (or Pangeaea) inspired the vessel’s name, “Pangeos.” With a potential width of 610 m (2,000 ft) and length of 550 m (approximately 1,800 ft), it would dwarf even the largest mega yachts of today.

On the project’s website, Lazzarini states: “Putting this into a futuristic expression, Pangeos extends for 550 metres and measures 610 metres at its widest point.”

It would have a turtle-shaped base and an oval structure that could accommodate 60,000 people.

The floating community would have hotels, shopping malls, parks, airports for ships and planes, opulent villas, clubs, and everything else needed to run a community.

Saudi Arabia's Massive 'Turtle-Shaped Floating City' Can Accommodate 60,000 People

 It is bizarre that the superstructure will be shaped like a giant turtle.

On each turtle wing of the terayacht, there would be 19 private villas and 64 apartments. The gigantic structure would be powered by nine HTS electric motors, each capable of 16,800 horsepower.

Saudi Arabia's Massive 'Turtle-Shaped Floating City' Can Accommodate 60,000 People

It would be equipped with nine enormous, advanced HTS (high-temperature superconducting) motors, each capable of delivering 16,800 horsepower, allowing it to cruise at 5 knots (5.75 mph).

Providers Of Renewable Energy

It would be powered by solar panels, giant flipper-like structures, and some wave energy generator system, gathering energy from the water and allowing the ship to travel endlessly.

Saudi Arabia's Massive 'Turtle-Shaped Floating City' Can Accommodate 60,000 People

Lazzarini is also not playing with the city’s enormous cost. A crowdfunding campaign will begin soon to raise approximately US$8 billion for the project.

Incentives such as virtual tickets and NFTs will be offered to those participating in the funding round

The designer notes that a Terayacht would require a “Terashipyard” to match, and Saudi Arabia is suggested as the best location for a new shipyard by reclaiming land from the sea.

There is still a blueprint for the massive structure. Only time will tell if this ambitious floating city will sail in the middle of the ocean someday.

Cost Of The Turtle-Shaped Floating City:

Currently, the boat is just a design – just an idea. Saudi Arabia, close to Jeddah, is being considered as the ideal location to build this terayacht. The floating city will also cost approximately USD 8 billion (Rs 65,280 crores).


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