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US Court Releases Graphic Video of Paul Pelosi Being Attacked



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A US court in San Francisco, California, has approved the release of a video showing the hammer attack on former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Bodycam footage from last October shows police arriving at Paul Pelosi’s door and confronting the attacker.

It was made public after a San Francisco court ruled that the district attorney’s office had to make the materials public.

David DePape, the alleged attacker, has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges.

The video shows San Francisco police officers entering Mr. Pelosi’s home on October 28 and finding Mr. DePape and Mr. Pelosi holding a hammer. They tell him to put down the hammer before the attack.

In a statement on Friday, Ms.Pelosi said she has “absolutely no intention of seeing the deadly assault on my husband’s life”.

“I won’t be making any further statements about this case as it progresses except to thank everyone for their well-wishes and to keep everyone updated on Paul’s progress,” she said.

According to court documents filed last year, Mr. DePape planned to hold Ms. Pelosi hostage and break “her kneecaps” if she “lied” to him. Ms. Pelosi is a California congresswoman who was not at home at the time of the attack.

Mr. DePape told police at the scene that he was sick of the “lies coming out of Washington DC”.

Mr. DePape previously told police he was on a “suicide mission” when he smashed the glass backdoor of the Pelosi home in the affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood.

He is charged with various offenses, including assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

The 42-year-old Canadian national also pleaded not guilty to federal charges filed by the US Department of Justice of attempting to kidnap a federal official and assaulting a federal official’s family member.

Mr. DePape’s trial date has not yet been set.

Following the attack, Paul Pelosi was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for a skull fracture. He was also hurt in the hands and right arm.

He was released after six days and has been slowly recovering, making his first public appearance in early December.

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