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Ukraine War

Russian Missile Strikes on Kyiv after intense Drone Barrage



Russian Missile Strikes on Kyiv after intense Drone Barrage

(CTN News) – Russian missile attacks have struck Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, raising alarm as the conflict between the two nations intensifies.

The recent strikes, occurring during the day and targeting the city center, deviate from previous nighttime assaults focused on critical infrastructure and outer defenses.

Although all missiles were reportedly intercepted, flaming debris landed in residential areas, underscoring the potential danger to civilians.

Amid accusations of deliberately targeting the population, Russia’s change in tactics is seen as an attempt to increase pressure on Ukraine ahead of an anticipated counter-offensive. This article delves into the attacks’ details and the conflict’s evolving dynamics.

Unprecedented Daytime Missile Strikes on Kyiv Raise Concerns

In an unusual development, Russian missiles hit Kyiv during daylight hours, deviating from previous nighttime assaults aimed at vital national infrastructure and outer defenses.

The strikes, using Iskander ballistic missiles and potentially S-300 and S-400 missiles, were successfully intercepted, preventing casualties but resulting in flaming debris landing in central Kyiv.

Shift in Russian Tactics Targets Civilian Population

Ukrainian military commanders in Kyiv accuse Russia of deliberately changing tactics and intentionally targeting the civilian population.

The daytime missile strikes on the city center reflect Moscow’s desire to escalate pressure on Ukraine, further straining the situation. These attacks depart from previous patterns and underscore the urgency for countermeasures to safeguard civilians and critical assets.

Ukraine’s Resilience and Assistance from International Allies

Amid the escalating conflict, Ukraine’s air defense forces have been lauded for their successful interception of most drones and missiles launched by Russia. The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, praised the country’s defense forces, commending their bravery and resilience.

Ukraine has also expressed gratitude towards supportive nations and the international community for providing crucial air defense systems, which have helped mitigate the impact of the attacks.

Implications for Ukraine’s Anticipated Counter-Offensive

Ukraine has been preparing for a counter-offensive for months, aiming to regain control of seized territories. However, Russia’s recent attacks, utilizing kamikaze drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, have targeted and strained Ukraine’s air defenses.

Moscow’s objective weakens Ukraine’s military capabilities and readiness before an expected counter-offensive. As tensions escalate, Ukraine seeks additional time to train troops and acquire military equipment from Western allies.


The recent missile strikes on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, have raised concerns about the evolving dynamics of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The change in Russian tactics, targeting the civilian population, has intensified the urgency for countermeasures to protect civilians and critical infrastructure.

Ukraine’s resilience, along with the assistance of international allies, has contributed to the successful interception of most attacks. However, the growing pressure from Russia highlights the need for Ukraine to carefully plan and execute its anticipated counter-offensive.

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