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Automotive Batteries: 2014 Ford Fusion Battery Size and Price Guide



2014 Ford Fusion Battery Size and Price Guide

Create a comprehensive maintenance schedule by reviewing your 2014 Ford Fusion battery and finding out when it’s time for a replacement. Automotive batteries offer a reliable charge during their lifetime, but there are many issues that require you to order a new one. Learn more about routine battery maintenance today.

How Much Is a 2014 Ford Fusion Battery?

Prepare to pay between $80 and $325 for a 2014 Ford Fusion battery. The design and expected lifetime of batteries vary considerably, which reflects the differences in pricing. Choose a highly rated battery from a reputable brand to enjoy a three-year warranty and reliable performance in extreme conditions.

What Causes Car Battery To Fail?

Your Ford Fusion battery is recharged with every trip. After powering the starter in your Fusion, the battery is then recharged by the alternator. This process works well day after day, year after year, until one of the following issues causes the battery to fail:

  • Deep discharge
  • Excessive temperatures
  • Excessive vibration or impact
  • Cracked or leaked case
  • Normal aging process

A deep discharge occurs when the battery experiences an excessive drain. When you leave the lights on your Fusion or the alternator ceases to recharge the battery, a deep discharge can permanently compromise the component.

You can expect your battery to last three to five years as long as none of these issues occur. After this point, the normal aging process slowly reduces the full charge of your battery until it no longer has the reserve capacity to power your starter.

Best Auto Battery Charger For a Dead Ford Fusion Battery

It’s easy to forget the headlights on or leave a device charging when you turn off your Ford Fusion. If you’ve accidentally drained your battery, assuming it isn’t a deep discharge, then pick up an auto battery charger to restore your battery.

There are many different types of battery chargers. Some connect to automotive batteries together to jump-start your Fusion. Others plug into a standard 110-volt wall outlet to deliver electricity to the battery. Still others store a charge in a lithium-ion battery to keep you prepared for a dead battery in remote locations.

Signs It’s Time For a New Battery

You need car battery specifications explained to understand the various reasons that it’s time for a new battery. You don’t, however, need to understand all the inner workings of a battery to recognize the signs it’s time to replace one:

  • Slow engine starting
  • Inability to recharge your battery
  • Swollen, leaking or cracked casing
  • Battery over three years old
  • Unreliable electronic performance

The best way to verify the condition of your battery is to connect it to a tester. Battery testers are available through an online store. They’re also available for free use at a local auto parts store. These convenient devices measure the output of your automotive battery and determine whether it’s time for a replacement, a recharge or if your battery is in good condition.

Where To Shop For a Reliable Replacement Battery

Learn more about automotive battery replacements at a trusted online auto parts store. Filter batteries to shop for a highly rated 2014 Ford Fusion battery today before learning how to take on this routine maintenance task.


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