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7 Ways to Make Funeral Planning Easier



funeral planning

The bitter fact is Death is the universal truth. We can’t avoid it ever. A report of 2017 reveals that 21% of Americans discuss their funeral with their loved ones. However, funeral planning is something that most people avoid. But it is a wise decision to plan the funeral. After all, we all think about money, and we also should organize the funeral properly for our loved ones or ourselves. Thus, we can properly bid the final GoodBye. From ของชำร่วยงานศพ to funeral homes, everything can be appropriately organized. Here, in this post, we will share 7 ways that will make Funeral planning easier.

1. Plan the funeral in advance

Before dying, the first step is to plan the funeral to make it appropriate. In the pre-planning, the first responsibility is to choose a funeral home. To get the best funeral home, you can take references from your loved ones or your friend. However, it takes a bit long time to get a recommendation. Once you collect all the information about the best funeral homes in your location, call the service providers directly and discuss your wish and budget.

2. Set your budget

A funeral can cost differently according to the different funeral homes. However, the overall cost depends on which type of funeral you want. But the problem is, you can’t always discuss the budget with your near ones. Therefore, you should have an advanced idea about the budget so that you can pre-organize it well. If you have a budget issue, you also can go for a burial insurance policy.

3. Go for a prepaid plan

When you are planning for a funeral, we must recommend choosing a prepaid plan. There are several valid reasons behind this advice. Though there are several possibilities that the funeral home may go out of business, or your loved ones may want to change their mind. But if you will be determined with your decision, you should surely go for a prepaid plan. Prepaid planning will save you from any last-minute disaster. So, for your funeral, always go for a prepaid plan.

4. Choose a casket or cremation container

After choosing the budget and plan, you have to select a casket. The funeral home you will finally decide will help you to choose and purchase a casket. Also, you can shop from outside if you want to check the budget elsewhere. Funeral homes should agree to use a casket that you buy from outside.

5. Write down your obituary

Many of us with the world would see our lives when we will be no more. To do this, you must write down your own obituary before you die. An obituary is the final literary document of your life. It is entirely up to you what you will write in the obituary. You also can send it as a press release to your local newspaper or alma mater. Here, you can share your life’s challenges and how you have overcome them. You also can write about the history of your life and your gratitude towards your life. Obituary shows the unforgettable moments of your life.

6. Attend a Death Cafe

Death is the ultimate truth that we all have to face. Better if we will face it with pride. So, it can’t be a taboo subject. A death cafe is a place where people gather and discuss end-of-life problems in a comfortable environment. Such discussion takes the stigma away from dying. In 2004, it was created by Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz.

7. Discuss your plans with close friends or family

The next step is to discuss your plans with your loved ones or close family members. You must share your wishes with them. Your family members or friends can help you fulfill many of your wishes, too, if you can’t achieve them yourself. Now you have all the plans to besiege the sadness of your death by creating a pre-planned funeral.


Death is not a happy occasion, but you can control your funeral or of your near ones. Thus you can give peace of mind to your family members as well. So, if your loved one has not yet planned their end-of-life wishes, then you should plan their funeral. Organize the entire thing in the proper order and pray their soul may rest in peace.

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