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Travel Wonders of Europe that Defies the Imagination



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Europe tempts tourists with travel with a fascinating blend of natural beauty and culture. The European cities are full of art and architecture. Europe offers remarkable destinations like soaring arches, cathedrals of ice and rock towers, and much more to explore related to ancient civilizations on your holiday.

If you are planning your honeymoon or tour, then Europe is the best place to make your holidays memorable. You can also avoid tour planning exhaustion by consulting Firebird Tours ® – travel company because they are planning all types of tours around Europe. Here are some incredible destinations in Europe which are worth planning your holiday around.

Tour Italy’s Capri’s Blue Grotto

Europe, destinations, Travel
You must have come across a wallpaper of shining blue water with different unique hues at night and must have thought it as picture editing. But Capri’s Blue Grotto is real. The cave-in Italy causes those visible, vibrant hues in water. The magical vista is one of its kind.

The atypical view created by the sunlight passes through the underwater cavity and shines back up. Sunshine results in illuminating the cavern. It would be best if you had a small boat to reach blue Grotto because the cave is only a meter high. Also, you can enter when the tide is low.

Travel the Tuscan countryside

Panoramas, which you see in Italy, are idyllic and alluring. Tuscan hills speak louder for their mystic beauty. Where cypress trees lined and vineyard beautifully decorated with farmhouses provide an alluring view of countryside life: Tuscan’s tranquil beauty has no resemblance but uniqueness. Mother Nature blessed the land with green and yellow shades that are a feast for the eyes. You can call this place the loveliest part of Italy.

You can call this place the loveliest part of Italy. Aside from that, the people in Tuscany are also lovely. If you’re planning to visit, learn basic Italian words and phrases for travelers using The Intrepid Guide in order for you to communicate with the locals and have a full experience of what the place and the people can offer.

National Park (Plitvice Lakes) in Europe

16 Crystalline lakes cover most of the area of the National Park in Croatia.  It stands out among other locations due to the abundance of Lakes. A day trip from the capital to the magical land of lakes should be on your holiday destination list. It is well-known for its caves, lakes, and waterfalls which formed due to flowing water through chalk and limestone which turns the water shade in turquoise. Croatia is a country in Southeast Europe.

Make one of your Destinations Svalbard Norway

Europe, Tour, Travel

If you are looking for the northernmost inhabited landmass on earth, then Svalbard is the right destination. Svalbard is the most remote region globally; it is closer to the frozen northern land.

Also, this is famous because of the wildlife; you can see white polar bears and reindeer. If you are interested in such an incredible place, you can check plan your holiday in the most exciting place in the world.

Tour the Cliffs of Moher

You can find Cliffs Moher on the western coast of Ireland. These magnificent are mesmerizing views to behold. The cutting height of the cliffs is 120m from the water level, and the length is 7km. These cliffs have curves, and they go out of sight into depth.

You can see the angry waves of Atlantic Ocean endlessly hitting against the cliffs and heavy winds, making a loud noise that you can only hear the nature but nothing else. The place is a movie like a landscape that provides the soothing beauty of divine life. Ireland also known as the Republic of Ireland is in north-western Europe. Its a wonderful place to tour and travel.

Travel to the Swiss Alps in Switzerland

AlpsTour, Travel

Switzerland has the world’s most massive mountain range which spares only 35% of land and rest is covered with mountains. Moreover, they are 45 years old and have the highest peaks in Europe. History reflects the importance of mountains as they served for the protection of the land. People come from all over the world to visit this magical place. Also, tourist enjoys hiking, swimming, skiing, and paragliding.

Tour Holiday in Santorini, Greece

Greece is known for its islands, Santorini is the most famous among other islands in Europe. Due to its dramatic coastline beautifully decorated with white buildings and outlined with red sand beach. Excess of iron in the cliffs made them rugged red, which contrasts with the Mediterranean Sea’s blue water. All these beautiful ornaments of nature made this place extremely captivating.

Explore the Isle of Skye

Holiday Tour

Scotland is known for its steep valleys, rolling mountains, coastline, and beguiling panoramas. Isle of the sky is the magical place in Scotland, calling tourists towards its speechless beauty. The other name of the Isle of Skye is Cloud Island, and it is due to its unpredictable climate and misty atmosphere. The place offers many things to enjoy, such as weather, a natural rock formation shaped like an older man. Try visiting the Isle of Skye while you travel the UK.

The Northern Lights of Finland

The wallpaper or fairytale magic like colorful sky must be thinking it’s impossible, but yes, it is. If you want to witness the remarkable Aurora Borealis, you should see the ethereal light show up in the north in the winter season. The light show appears only in Finland, Lapland, between September and March. You get the highest chance alone in the mentioned months.

Holiday in England and see Land’s End

Holiday in England and see Land's End

England’s most famous landmark is the Land’s End. It is known for its peacefulness and natural wonders, situated in the westernmost point of mainland Cornwall. The area is beautifully embellished with the coastline and offers a view or the Celtic Sea. Also, this place provides the look of the magnificent sight of the Sea arch. The Arch is made of numerous caves, coves, and weather granite. Its a must see if you travel the UK.

The Black Forest of Germany

Black forest name itself gives the illusion of fairy-tale or grim stories. Black forest is in Germany, which is made of the densely wooded mountain range that outlines the Rhine River. Also, it is one of Germany’s largest states. Uncountable lakes and spellbinding scenery with the addition of historic towns make this place most relaxing and magical. Its a must see if you travel Europe on a holiday.

Tour Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites is a place in Italy. People from all over the world to enjoy the most exciting adventures like Biking, paragliding, and hiking holiday. The location is full of mountains, which covers the 110000 feet of the area. The high Altitude in the area makes the Dolomites a perfect place for athlete training. You can easily reach the Dolomites and enjoy adventurous activities, including bike riding. You can travel by train, and it will take 47 minutes from Bolzano to reach the Dolomites.

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