Getting A Traditional Thai Foot Massage In Sathorn Bangkok
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Getting a Traditional Thai Foot Massage in Sathorn Bangkok



Getting a Foot Massage in Sathorn

Getting a traditional Thai foot massage in Sathorn should be on every visitor’s to do list when they’re staying in Bangkok. The Sathorn district of Bangkok is a bustling financial and business centre of the city.

Many of the area’s office workers rely on the stimulating effects of a lengthy Thai foot massage to ease away the pressures of their jobs and overall stress. For many Bangkok residents, a foot massage in Sathorn is a welcome ritual that’s undertaken regularly.

Rejuvenating Effects of Reflexology

Reflexology is the name given to the practice of Asian foot massage. This ancient Chinese practise has long been considered to be therapeutic to all areas of the body, not just the feet.

Reflexology is the application of pressure and stimulation to different parts of the foot with the hands and a traditional Thai foot massage stick. The stick is used to stimulate specific acupressure points in the foot.

This stimulation affects other parts of the body, just as acupuncture works by stimulating certain nerves in parts of the body to provide pain. People who are experiencing a Thai foot massage for the first time, often remark on how it seems to ease pain in all parts of their body.

A skilled foot massage specialist also develops a loyal clientele by know their client feet. Being able to target areas of the body that are experiencing chronic pain. Above all easing that pain by way of nothing more than a thorough foot massage.

Certain areas on the foot correspond to areas in the body. The outside of the left foot instep, for instance, is said to be an effective trigger point for the left knee. The areas on the soles of the feet directly behind the toes are said to be particularly effective for ailments of the eyes and ears.

Massages are Widespread in Bangkok

As popular as massage has become finding spa for massage in Sathorn is not hard. There are many spas and shops offering a wide variety of spa treatments and massages.

The busier an area of the city, the more massage specialists you’ll find. With tens of thousands of people commuting to Sathorn every day to work in the skyscrapers in the area. There is plenty of call for the skills and talented massage specialist.

Even more many of the best and most popular massage specialists put together packages of different treatments. Even more you can spend a blissful afternoon enjoying the health benefits of a number of spa treatments and massages.

Explore the Art of Massage in Sathorn

If you’ve booked a hotel in the Sathorn area of Bangkok, you’re also in the perfect location to explore the world of Thai massage. Indulge yourself with a traditional Thai foot massage in Sathorn and feel the stress melt away.

You’re sure to fall in love with the relaxation and rejuvenation it provides after a day of sightseeing.


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