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Exploring Thailand by Train: Scenic Routes and Travel Tips

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Exploring Thailand by Train
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Thailand, characterized by rich cultural heritage, breath-taking scenery and lively cities makes it a popular destination for many travelers. Although taking buses or flying is the norm, going around Thailand by train gives you a different perspective and feel of the country which is its heart and soul. In this article we will look at some of the most scenic train journeys in Thailand and share key travel tips to help you have an unforgettable trip.

Why Travel by Train in Thailand?

Trains in Thailand are not only cheap which makes it very affordable to many travelers, but also is a comfortable way to see the country’s beauty. The train network spreads over a wide area, linking major cities, rural towns as well as places of tourist interest. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking the train:

Scenic Views: Train routes often pass through beautiful landscapes, including lush jungles, serene rivers, and dramatic mountain ranges.

Comfort: Thai trains offer various classes of service, from basic seats to luxurious sleeping compartments, catering to all budgets and preferences.

Cultural Experience: Traveling by train allows you to interact with locals and experience Thai culture more intimately.

Eco-Friendly: Trains are a greener mode of transportation compared to cars or planes, making your travel more sustainable.

Scenic Train Routes in Thailand

1. The Eastern and Oriental Express

One can say that the Eastern and Oriental Express is the most top-notch train trip in Southeast Asia, which provides luxury going from Bangkok to Singapore. The train itself is a marvel, with elegantly furnished cabins, gourmet dining as well as panoramic observation cars. On the journey you will take in tropical settings, pretty villages and historical sites.

2. Bangkok to Chiang Mai

The train journey overnight is among the best routes in Thailand, which makes Chiang Mai and Bangkok, the busy capital, inter connected. The 12-15 hour long journey has different classes having sleeper cabins as well. As you go further to the north you will see how those landscapes change from urban sprawl to verdant forests and mountainous terrain. For the most enjoyable experience it is best for you to choose a first-class sleeper so that you can have a private and comfortable trip.

3. The Death Railway (Bangkok to Kanchanaburi)

This historical route goes from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi via the famous Bridge on the River Kwai. Both scenic and emotional, the trip shows off beautiful green and important World War II sites. The train travels along cliffs and over flimsy bridges, making for an exciting ride. Make sure you do not skip visiting Hellfire Pass Memorial and Museum to get familiar with the history of the railway system.

4. Southern Line (Bangkok to Surat Thani)

If you are bound for the southern islands, the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani will be your perfect choice. The path surrounds you with scenic views of rice fields, limestone cliffs and palm tree plantations. On reaching Surat Thani, you can get on ferries that go to famous islands like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao easily.

5. Nong Khai to Vientiane (Thailand to Laos)

The Nong Khai in Thailand to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is connected by this international route. The journey involves crossing the Mekong River via the Friendship Bridge. It’s a relatively short trip but offers stunning views of the river and surrounding countryside. This route is perfect for travelers who want to visit both Thailand and Laos.

Travel Tips for Train Journeys in Thailand

Book in Advance: Trains in Thailand, especially sleeper and luxury ones, can get crowded very fast, especially during the high travel seasons. Reserving your tickets ahead of time guarantees you get the desired class and schedule.

Choose the Right Class: The classification of Thai trains applies to both seats and beds, with the cheapest being the third-class and the most expensive – first-class sleepers. If you are tight on your budget, third-class is cheap yet simple. Third or fourth class is for economy then sleepers are preferable for any long journey assuming luxury of time.

Pack Essentials: Take with you the basics which are snacks, water, a travel pillow, and entertainment (books, music etc.). Some trains do have dining cars but having your own supplies indeed assures you of a pleasant trip.

Dress Comfortably: The temperatures on trains are quite different, especially with air-conditioned cabins. Wear comfortable and layered clothing that can be adjusted to different temperatures.

Stay Safe: Secure your belongings, specifically in night trains. For luggage use a lock and keep valuables near. Be conscious of your environment and avoid leaving your compartment unattended.

Enjoy the Scenery: Among the key advantages of train travel is that you can leisurely observe the surrounding beauty. Carry a camera to take shots of the picturesque sceneries, and just let yourself relax for a while and be immersed in what is around you.

Interact with Locals: Riding the train is a perfect means of mingling with the locals. Feel free to talk to them and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Thailand.

Check Train Schedules: Though train schedules can change, it is very important to check the latest timings before your journey so that you get updated. An up-to-date information as well as booking options are what the website of State Railway of Thailand provides.

Be Prepared for Delays: Trains are generally dependable in Thailand, although you can encounter delays. When creating your schedule, put in some buffer time just in case something happens to delay you.


If you choose to explore Thailand on a train, you get a one of a kind and memorable opportunity to see the many different landscapes and cultures in the country. Starting from premium routes in Eastern and Oriental Express up to historical routes as Death Railway, there is everything for all types of travelers.

Observe these travel tips so that you can have an effortless and fun filled train journey in Thailand. Therefore unpack your bags ,search for tickets,and be ready.


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