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TikTok Introduces 30-Minute Videos To Compete With YouTube

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TikTok Introduces 30-Minute Videos To Compete With YouTube

(CTN News) – By offering long-form videos on TikTok, TikTok is poised to challenge YouTube. This move will benefit both creators and businesses on the platform.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant specializing in social media and digital marketing, has revealed that TikTok has begun testing this feature in beta versions of both iOS and Android, with a global rollout expected within a few weeks.

It is important to note that TikTok has increased its maximum video length over time after initially becoming popular for its short-form video format. Starting with a 15-second time limit, the platform has since extended it to one minute, three minutes, and most recently, ten minutes.

As of October of the previous year, TikTok began testing a 15-minute video upload limit for its users.

It is anticipated that the introduction of longer-form videos will be an advantage to creators and businesses since it will eliminate the need to break the content into shorter videos for posting in the future.

It is important to keep in mind that from a business perspective, this move can increase TikTok’s monetization and revenue sharing capabilities. Creators are able to include more pre- and mid-roll ads within longer videos, resulting in a higher revenue share directly with the creators of the content as they are able to include more pre- and mid-roll ads.

It has been speculated that this move may not be as well received as it would seem, given that users are accustomed to TikTok’s short-form content, which has been criticized in the past for its short duration.

As a result of its algorithm, the platform, owned by a Chinese company, has dominated other social media platforms in terms of popularity over the past few years, as a result of its popularity.

As a result of TikTok’s introduction of short-form videos, which has been widely embraced throughout the world, this social network revolutionized the social media landscape.

Due to YouTube’s introduction of Shorts and Instagram’s launch of Reels to compete in the short-form video space, competitors like YouTube and Facebook introduced Shorts and Reels, respectively.


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