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Twitch Streamers Get Trolled With Mysterious Million-Dollar Donations



Twitch Streamers Get Trolled With Mysterious Million-Dollar Donations

(CTN News) – Millions of dollars are being donated to Twitch streamers in order to keep them afloat during these tough economic times.

I think that’s how it seems on the surface, thanks to a seemingly new flaw in the system that seems to have made its way into the system.

In addition to Twitch’s regular subscriptions, bits, and ads, donations are a key source of revenue for streamers on the Amazon-backed platform in addition to their subscriptions, bits, and ads.

Because of their direct nature, and the fact that they do not have to split with Twitch itself, it rewards the content creator far more than any other method.

Thus, donations are often greatly appreciated by any given streamer, though some of the more recent examples of donations have not exactly gone down well with the viewers.

There are a number of Twitch trolls who are giving off the impression that they are multi-millionaires despite a seemingly new issue bubbling to the surface.

Several popular figures, including Forsen and the LoL icon Jankos, were caught off guard by the new issues of the game released on September 17. Despite the fact that it appears that both of them received staggering sums of money, it is true that this is not the case.

During the 36 minutes of Forsen’s September 17 broadcast, he was interrupted during his latest Minecraft speedrun attempt. It was revealed during the stream that a user named ‘Furrsen’ made a donation of $999,999.99 to the streamer.

“It seems obvious that it’s a bug,” he said a few minutes later. The whole thing is just going to turn into a clown fiesta in no time. There’s probably something that [Twitch] should look into, whatever it may be.

There were no donations made, he just bypassed it somehow, I am not sure how he managed to do that. I would like to give props to the first person to do it.”

As such, the exact nature of the exploit remains unclear, but Forsen wasn’t the only streamer on the day that was targeted by the exploit.

There were also several other individuals who appeared to have received large donations, but none of them turned out to be genuine. Rather than actual transactions, all of them are merely Twitch alerts rather than actual payments.

It is true that some of these donations have come from anonymous accounts, but others, like Furrsen mentioned above, have been removed from the platform.

There has yet to be a statement from Twitch on this issue. Until the issue is resolved, streamers will just have to be cautious about illegitimate donations slipping through the cracks, so streamers may have to be cautious for the time being.


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