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Digital Agency E-PR Online Unveils AI Bot to Revolutionize Media Outlet Selection for Clients

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Digital Agency E-PR Online Unveils AI Bot to Revolutionize Media Outlet Selection for Clients

E-PR Online, a leading New York-based digital PR agency, is once again set to revolutionize the public relations industry with the launch of a cutting-edge AI bot.

This innovative technology will empower clients by efficiently and accurately selecting the best media outlets for their PR needs, resulting in faster operations, enhanced cost efficiency, and improved overall effectiveness.

Given the fierce industry competition and high expectations on the part of clients of PR agencies, speed and accuracy are of the essence. A poorly chosen media can ruin even a good PR text – or, rather, damage its chances to be published on time or make the right impact.

This is exactly the problem E-PR Online’s AI bot – the first one of its kind – is going to solve. It will provide a streamlined approach to selecting media outlets, saving valuable time for both clients and the agency.

In other words, it will offer a unique advantage by optimizing one of the most painstaking aspects of any PR campaign. It’s especially relevant for an agency like E-PR Online – the platform has accumulated an impressive media catalog with more than 10,000 outlets, including such household names as Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and Vogue.

Irina Proskurina, founder and CEO of E-PR Online, explains:

Currently, the selection of media outlets for each publication is a manual task handled by our professional team. It’s a multifaceted task: we choose outlets to suit the client’s needs, budget, text type, publication language, and many more factors.

Our media managers might need anywhere between 3 and 30 hours to find a suitable outlet for a given order – imagine this kind of workload on a large scale.

This time translates, of course, into considerable expenses – a media manager’s average pay rate is $30/hour. This results in added service costs for our clients. The new bot will do the same in a matter of seconds. It will give us a precise, swift, and efficient way to provide excellent media selection that’s also time- and cost-efficient.”

However, the benefits of this AI-based solution extend far beyond mere pace. By using the power of artificial intelligence, E-PR Online will ensure that the chosen media outlets align perfectly with the clients’ goals, target audience, and financial limitations.

This attention to even the smallest details becomes possible thanks to smart AI-building principles. The agency is already working with a team of product designers to cover and automate all the essential aspects of the media selection process. The bot will utilize advanced algorithms to sift through multiple relevant parameters, including:

  • geography and reach of the media,
  • specific requirements of the media outlet editors,
  • the target audience demographics,
  • overall objectives of the PR campaign,
  • the client’s budget, etc.

The bot will also take advantage of statistical data provided by SimilarWeb. It can take into consideration each outlet’s reach, number of monthly visits, readership demographics, and other useful metrics.

This multifaceted analysis ensures that each media outlet chosen by the bot will maximize the impact and reach of the client’s message. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, E-PR Online aims to transform the traditional trial-and-error approach to media outlet selection into a data-driven, precise science.

What does it mean for clients? In short – even more well-targeted, effective PR campaigns. Whether E-PR Online’s customer is looking to publish a short press release, a sharp opinion piece, or a commercial article about a new product, the agency’s bot will find the best outlet for each text within seconds. It guarantees hitting the right campaign KPIs and allows clients to see the positive PR impact almost instantly.

E-PR Online’s innovative AI technology will not only revolutionize the agency’s client-facing operations. It’s also an effective way to optimize internal processes and operations.

By integrating the AI bot with other AI-powered tools, such as AI-based copywriting, E-PR Online aims to enhance overall efficiency and deliver unparalleled results. The synergy between these technologies will allow E-PR Online to provide comprehensive PR solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

This groundbreaking innovation by E-PR Online stands out as a one-of-a-kind solution within the PR industry. It means that the bot has the potential to become a true technological game-changer for the world of PR as we know it. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, E-PR Online also sets a new benchmark for excellence in the PR industry.

Irina comments:

Historically, PR has been a more traditional industry than many others such as, for example, marketing, that’s been dynamically changing for the past decade. This is not necessarily a bad thing but, at times, what holds PR professionals back is their tendency to cling to old solutions and algorithms.

As a forward-thinking PR agency, we want to break away from some of the outdated conventions of the industry, and our new AI project is a way to do that – we bring more efficiency and deliver a new know-how other PR experts might be able to potentially adopt in the future.

Indeed, as the media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the integration of AI technology within the PR industry becomes increasingly crucial.

E-PR Online’s AI bot represents a significant step forward, not only in terms of operational efficiency but also in delivering unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness for clients.

By combining data-driven insights with the expertise of PR professionals, this innovative solution will undoubtedly redefine the way PR campaigns are executed and elevate the industry as a whole.

Bottom line: E-PR Online’s launch of its signature AI bot has the potential to mark a pivotal moment in the evolution of the PR industry. With its ability to swiftly select media outlets based on multiple parameters, the AI bot will ensure faster operations, cost efficiency, and accuracy.

As a trailblazer in the field, E-PR Online continues to leverage technological advancements to provide unrivaled PR solutions to its clients, cementing its position as a pioneering company.

For more information about E-PR Online and their groundbreaking AI bot, please visit their website.

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