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What’s the Difference between Cisco and Huawei in Terms of Test Questions and Content?



What’s the Difference between Cisco and Huawei in Terms of Test Questions and Content?

For a long time, Cisco training has been outstanding in the field of online training. But for those who want to improve their network skills through training, what’s the difference between Cisco and Huawei in terms of test questions and content?

Huawei’s teaching materials give people the impression that they are logical and organized. It is based on the OSI Seven Layer Model and the process of interconnection between LAN and WAN. It follows the four layers under the OSI Seven Layer Model, from the physical layer to the data link layer, then to the network layer, and then to the transport layer.

After describing the next four layers of the OSI Seven Layer Model, from the perspective of the process of interconnection between local area network and wide area network, students can skillfully build a switched local area network, and can use routers to isolate broadcasting.

After that, we will talk about the principle and configuration of WAN and the routing protocol and configuration, and complete the interconnection between LAN and WAN, LAN and LAN.

At first glance, the contents of Cisco’s textbooks seem irregular in layout, and the contents of the upper and lower volumes overlap. In fact, the first volume of Cisco textbooks mainly talks about some basic knowledge, which is basically explained according to the OSI reference model.

It includes the most basic MAC address, the location of equipment in the hierarchical model, the introduction of the lower two layers of LAN and WAN, the introduction of IP address, ARP and RARP, network topology, structured cabling, the introduction of the upper three layers, TCP / IP, routing protocol, and then the basic configuration of routers. It can be seen that the knowledge in Volume I is very basic.

The knowledge in Volume II is some advanced content. Including the use of switches, VLAN division, how to design LAN, ACL, IPX, WAN design, PPP, frame relay and ISDN. The second volume of Cisco is more specific and belongs to the knowledge of improving nature. [top cisco certification]

Huawei’s teaching materials are suitable for beginners and students with some work experience but not strong in theory because of their coherent content and less emphasis. Cisco’s textbooks seem only suitable for beginners.

Huawei textbooks are suitable for mastering the whole set of theories, but not for review and examination. In contrast, Cisco textbooks, which are composed of coherent knowledge points, are easier for candidates to pass the exam.

In the experiment, cases and experiences have different emphasis.

In the textbooks of Huawei and Cisco, after introducing part of the content, there will be corresponding configuration examples and student experiments.

Huawei’s student experiments and configuration examples also maintain the logical integrity of the content, cooperate with more comprehensive cases, and write complete case commands (even if they are not learned in this chapter).

The Cisco textbook only lists the commands learned in this chapter. However, Cisco will introduce some experience in the experiment, and introduce the results of commands in detail, which is suitable for beginners.

In terms of test questions, the biggest difference between Huawei’s test questions and Cisco’s is that Huawei does not prompt the number of correct answers in all multiple-choice questions, which increases the difficulty of the test.

However, after Cisco added the environmental simulation test to the CCNA exam, the quality of students was strengthened due to the command line command typing. However, there are several large multiple-choice questions at the end of Huawei’s test questions, which involve experimental configuration. The actual difficulty of the two questions is almost the same.

From the perspective of matching examinations, Cisco’s textbooks are like dictionaries, with noun explanations at the end of each chapter, and appendices at the end of each textbook, so that you can check the corresponding commands during review.

The teaching materials of Huawei and Cisco have their own merits. Huawei can change the way of writing slides, and highlight the key points by increasing the length and streamlining the configuration commands. Cisco can make the content coherent through the introduction. There are 90% similarities between the training contents of the two companies.

For those who want to learn network hardware settings, the training of both companies can enable you to obtain the same network hardware knowledge, but the configuration method of equipment is slightly different.

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