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ChatGPT Is Currently Being Explored In Classrooms By OpenAI.



ChatGPT Is Currently Being Explored In Classrooms By OpenAI.

(CTN News) – According to a senior executive at OpenAI, the company is now exploring ways of getting its popular ChatGPT chatbot into classrooms, which initially raised fears of widespread cheating on homework.

The chief operating officer of OpenAI, Brad Lightcap, said the company would form a team to explore educational applications of a technology that has upended industries, sparked new legislation, and become popular in education.

Teachers are trying to incorporate (ChatGPT) into their curriculum and their teaching methods, according to Lightcap. “OpenAI is trying to help them figure out how to solve the problem, and we will probably put together a team dedicated to working on it next year.”

There had been no mention of Lightcap’s comments previously. A world leader in business education, INSEAD was founded in 1968.

One of the world’s fastest-growing applications is OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, powered by billions of dollars from Microsoft (MSFT.O). Generating this type of content from reams of data allows it to produce humanlike content, such as term papers, science homework, and even novellas.

As a result of ChatGPT’s launch, the European Union revised its AI Act and the U.S. enacted its own regulations.

When teachers realized it could be used for cheating and plagiarism, the launch sparked a backlash and school bans.

Lightcap said teachers thought it was the worst thing that had ever happened to them.

Nevertheless, he said teachers began to see the benefits of ChatGPT within a few months.

In the classroom, OpenAI’s new team would extend the work it’s already doing. We believe AI has the potential to assist education and learning, and we’re encouraged by educators’ ideas about how tools like ChatGPT can be useful,” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement. In order to inform educators about ChatGPT’s capabilities and our ongoing efforts to improve them, we are engaging with them across the country.

We need to have this discussion so they are aware of the potential benefits and misuses of AI, and how they might use it in their classrooms.”

To give grants to education groups in underserved communities, OpenAI has partnered with Khan Academy and Schmidt, Futures.

Approximately $10 trillion will be spent on education and training worldwide by 2030, according to HolonIQ, a Sydney-based research firm.

Former OpenAI employee Andrew Mayne, who works with educators through his AI consulting firm Interdimensional, said ChatGPT can be used in a variety of ways in classrooms. Tutors or content tailored to different learning styles can be offered to students. A teacher can use it to assist with curriculum writing or as a creative classroom aide, for example, by creating introductions in Old English during a medieval history class.

He said ChatGPT doesn’t judge you. In class, students are afraid to ask questions.

If the chatbot is used in schools, some see a potential quagmire of privacy issues for children. Children are subject to different privacy laws in many countries. There is no age verification in most countries, even though users must be over 13 to use ChatGPT, and their parents must give permission if they are 13 to 18.


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