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Buying Discord Members: Everything You Should Know



Buying Discord Members

Buying Discord members is a great approach to increase your server’s exposure, grow your community, and attract new people. However, there are a number of factors to consider before getting started. We’ll go through the best place to buy discord members with the most popular vendors in the business so that you can start seeing results right away for your internet community!

What are Discord members?

Discord members are people who have joined a Discord server. Members typically join using a Discord invite link, which may be provided to them by you, another member of your community, online directory, or social media site

What are the benefits of having more Discord members?

More people mean more conversations to be had. More individuals also assist your server rank higher in the Discord directory search results, making it easier for new potential users to find servers that are comparable to yours! Having a larger Discord server member count will also enhance your server’s social proof and having an increase in social proof will result in an increase in organic members.

How do I buy discord members?

To obtain Discord members, go to an internet Discord service provider and purchase them. These websites will immediately add participants to your Discord server after you’ve paid and provided them with a link to your server.

Are they real members?

They’re not actual people. Sellers develop bots that impersonate people instead. These bots are then delivered to your server, which is why they are so quick at growing your server list.

Should I still purchase fake Discord members?

Yes, even if the accounts aren’t genuine people. It’s preferable to have an empty chat room than no one at all. It will also make it more probable for actual members to join and participate in your server.

Is it safe to add fake Discord members?

Even though all of the Discord members that sellers add to your server are phoney, you will not be banned by Discord. If that were the case, it would be too simple for other individuals to get other people’s servers shut down by adding users to them.

How long does it take to add the Discord users?

According to Famemass, suppliers may need up to 48 hours to add the users to your server. The pace varies from vendor to vendor, but 24-48 hours is considered normal.

What is the best place to buy Discord members?

Gramlike is the current largest Discord member provider. They provide a variety of pricing options that will quickly add members to your server. Their delivery time is faster than most, ranging from 12 to 36 hours, depending on server load.

HypeFreaks is another great site to get members from. They also have pretty fast delivery and also accept payment via cryptocurrency which is useful if you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and bitcoin.

How much does buying fake Discord users cost?

According to our research, Discord members cost about $50 per thousand members, although the price will vary from seller to seller.



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