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20 Strategies for eCommerce SEO



eCommerce SEO

In the eCommerce world, there are a lot of new websites popping up every day. Effective strategies for eCommerce SEO are a must in order to stay ahead of the competition. There is more than one way to do it – and this blog post will highlight 20 different strategies that you can use!

1. Target the right keyword phrases

One of the most important aspects of SEO is targeting the right keyword phrases. You need to find keywords that have low competition but high demand.

The right keywords have high demand but low competition. The main challenge is finding them! I recommend using the Google Keyword Planner and Ahref’s to find keywords that fit this criterion.

Once you find a good keyword, make sure to include it in the following places:

– Title

– Headings

– Meta Description

– Anchor Text


If you’re targeting a local audience, make sure to include your city or location in your keywords as well.

2. Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are important for SEO because they’re easier to rank for and you can also get more traffic from them. If your target keyword is “texas widgets”, then the long tail would be “best blue widgets in Austin Texas”. Again, refer to Ahrefs to find them and make them a part of your eCommerce SEO strategy.

3. Optimize your title tag

You should use your target keyword in the title tag of every page with emphasis on important pages like home, category, and product pages.

The title tag is the most important on-page SEO element. It’s what shows up in the browser tab and, more importantly, it’s what shows up in search engine results.

Therefore, it’s important to include your target keyword here – and make sure that you write a compelling title that will make people want to click on it.

4. Optimize your meta description

Use your target keyword in the meta description, but make sure to include a call-to-action and write a compelling description that will make people want to visit your website.

Meta descriptions are not as important as title tags but they still play a role in determining how well your website ranks.

You should always use the meta description to drive people towards taking action on your site.

5. Optimize your headings

Headers (H tags) are extremely important on eCommerce websites. They’re as powerful as title tags and play a big role in on-page SEO.

Make sure to use your target keyword in headings and sub-headings – but don’t overdo it!

6. Avoid duplicate product descriptions

One of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce websites make is having duplicate product descriptions.

It’s important to have unique and compelling content for every page on your website. It’s even more important to have unique content for product pages!

7. Optimize your URLs

Optimizing your URLs is very important for online stores. You should use hyphens instead of underscores, include your target keyword, and use a portable format.

This will help with SEO and the customer experience as well.

8. Get backlinks from high-quality websites

Backlinks are one of the most important factors for SEO. You should try to get backlinks from high-quality websites and you should also avoid backlinks from low-quality websites.

If you’re advanced, then build your own blog network on PBN hosting to level up your store.

9. Improve UX/UI of your website

Your website needs to be a great experience for your customers. It should load quickly and it should be easy to navigate through all of the different pages.

You should also make sure that your website is responsive so it looks good on any device.

10. Improve your site speed

Site speed is also important for SEO. You should make sure that your website loads quickly and you should test it on different web browsers, mobile devices, and connection speeds. Use managed WooCommerce hosting if you’re on WordPress for the best results.

11. Add product videos

Adding product videos is a great way to improve your eCommerce SEO. Not only do they help with rankings, but they also help with conversions.

Video is a very powerful medium and it’s no surprise that more and more people are using it to do business.

You can create videos yourself, or you can outsource them to a professional. Either way, adding product videos is an excellent idea.

12. Optimize your product images

The more high-quality images you have, the better.

Try to use at least one image per product with different angles and close-ups. It’s important to make sure that you optimize these images for SEO as well.

You can do this by using specific file names and including your target keywords.

You can also add alt tags and descriptions for each image in the product gallery if you’re using WooCommerce or a similar eCommerce platform.

This will help with rankings, but it’s even more important for conversions – as customers are much more likely to buy a product if they can see it clearly.

13. Use schema markup

Schema markup is a code that you can add to your website in order to help search engines understand your content better.

You should add schema markup to your product pages in order to improve your site.

You can do this by adding markup to the product description or using plugins like WooCommerce Product Schema for WordPress.

This will help search engines to better understand your product pages and it will also improve the customer experience.

According to Del SEO agency in Dublin, implementing Schema effectively can increase CTR and conversions.

14. Optimize your navigation

Your website navigation is extremely important for eCommerce websites. You should make sure that it’s easy to navigate and that customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

You can also use your navigation to improve your SEO efforts by using it to link between related pages on your site.

You can also use breadcrumbs to help customers navigate your website.

15. Optimize your about us page

You should use the “about us” page to add a link back up to the top of your website.

You can also use this page for SEO purposes by including your target keyword in the title and in the description.

16. Add a blog to your website

A blog is a great way to add fresh content to your website. You can use it to write about your products, your industry, or just about anything else.

You can also use it to add more keywords to your website and to improve your SEO efforts.

17. Optimize sitemap and robots.txt

Sitemap plays an important role in SEO. You should make sure that your sitemap is up-to-date and you should also submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

You should also make sure that your sitemap is accessible by search engines and crawlers so they can easily navigate through all of your pages.

Also, optimize your robots.txt file to control how search engines and crawlers access your website.

These can all be easily managed by WordPress so you don’t need to do anything manually.

18. Make your site mobile-friendly

More and more people are using their phones to shop online, so it’s important that your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly.

You can use responsive design to make your website adapt to any screen size, or you can use a dedicated mobile app.

You should also test your website on different mobile devices to make sure that it’s easy to use on all of them.

19. Make use of Google Webmaster Tools insights

Google Webmaster Tools can help you to analyze your website and check its performance. With the data provided by Google, you will know exactly how your website is performing and you will be able to identify any potential problems.

20. Run technical SEO audit regularly

Technical SEO is important because it helps to improve your website’s performance. You should run a technical audit of your eCommerce website regularly and identify problems.


SEO is something that should be done long term. If you have any questions regarding the tactics above, you should do more research as there are great free resources available for learning SEO.


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