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Get to Know About THCa | How it’s Different From THC




While THC is one of the famous cannabinoids that are the most potent, thca is the most abundant. But what is exactly thca? A cannabinoid, more commonly called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), known for its psychoactive properties, has a reputation as cannabis’s active ingredient.

But new research has found that there are actually several other cannabinoids like cannabidiol and cannabinol in cannabis that may have their own therapeutic potential.

What is thca?

The thca (or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found mainly in the cannabis plant.

Unlike THC, thca is not psychoactive. Its chemical name is cannabidiolic acid and it exists in cannabis as well as other plants. In fact, there are over 60 different cannabidiol acids that all have some medicinal benefits at least partly, including treating epilepsy and managing pain and anxiety.

However, this cannabinoid is best recognized for its antioxidant properties and anti-bacterial structure. A significant amount of the cannabinoid has a high level of antioxidant properties and it is also effective at killing bacteria including the MRSA type and other antibiotic resistant strains.

The THCa’s benefits

The cannabinoid has several THCa’s benefits that include:

Antidepressant like effects

It causes an increase in serotonin release just like most antidepressants do. This means you will be able to enjoy its antidepressant-like effects, without worrying about any harmful side effects that may cause depression in many cases.

Treating glaucoma

Those suffering from increased pressure inside their eyeballs will experience relief when they consume THCa.

Pain relief

It provides anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce your pain. Even those suffering from chronic pain will find this useful.

Improving mental processes

The cannabinoid does not only stimulate the brain’s neurons to improve memory and focus, but also helps in increasing serotonin levels. This will go a long way in improving your mood, as well as reducing anxiety and stress. This can also help you sleep better at night by boosting melatonin production in the body.

How to consume THCa?

When you smoke cannabis, the process of decarboxylation occurs which transforms THCA into regular THC. As a result, it can be challenging to obtain THCA through smoking, unless you have a freshly made extract or ingest raw cannabis. Some concentrates for dabbing claim to have high levels of THCA, but over time, they can convert to THC based on the amount of light and room temperature heat they are exposed to.

While it is not recommended to eat a nug of cannabis, grinding fresh bud is an effective method to intake THCa without decarboxylation. You can add ground bud to a smoothie along with other superfoods like kale or avocado for a healthy and delicious treat.

Some people even juice fresh palm leaves and sugar leaves after harvest, but ensure that your grower is not using chemical pesticides if you plan to do this.

What exactly does THCa do?

THCA is categorized as non-psychoactive because it does not produce a “high” effect when consumed. This is because THCa does not attach to CB1 receptors, which have a strong binding affinity for THC.

In fact, researchers are not exactly sure what exactly THCa is, but they believe that it is a kind of cannabinoid because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some people even claim that THCa helps delay the aging process and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The cannabinoid apparently blocks the pain effects of inflammation, which means it can protect your eyes, skin and joints from suffering from chronic pain.


Q. Where can I find THCa?

A. You can find THCA in raw cannabis, but not in high amounts. The best way to consume this cannabinoid is to find extracts (like tinctures) or edible products that contain this.

Q. How long does it take for THCa to work?

A. This will differ depending on the dose you take, but the effects of THCa usually kick in within 30-40 minutes and will last between 4-6 hours.

Q. How can I improve my sleep using THCa?

A. If you are someone who suffers from insomnia, you may want to increase the amount of THCa in your diet. The cannabinoid has an anti-anxiety effect, which means it can provide you with a better night’s sleep by providing melatonin production.

Q. Is a higher THCa better?

A. Essentially, it all depends on the purpose of consumption and how much you want to consume. In fact, it is possible to get too much THCa in your system, especially if you are a heavy consumer.


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