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Wordle #279 Today’s Answer: Hints, Clues, and Solution For March 25, 2022



Wordle #279 Today’s Answer

Wordle #279 Today’s Answer: I’m sure you’re aware that Wordle has released a new answer for March 25, 2022, and you’d be better off believing that we have it right here for you. As of the year 2022, wordle puzzles have been one of the most popular things to happen on the internet. There is a brand new puzzle on this website every single day, and today is no different. Here are some helpful hints that might help you solve the puzzle today.

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Wordle 279 clues for March 25

In order to understand the hints and clues for Wor-dle #277, let’s quickly review the rules. The 5-letter word of the day must be found in six attempts. Each time a guess is made, the letters are highlighted in green, yellow or gray, indicating whether the letter is in the right position, the wrong position, or not in the word at all. As few attempts as possible are needed to figure out the word.

Here is today’s Wordle puzzle. This week’s word is a noun and a relatively common English word that you must have either used or come across many times. As a result of the word’s alphabet arrangement, it might not be the first thought for many players. No worries. We’ll help you out.

Wordle 279 hints for March 25

1. Today’s word has two vowels.

2. The word begins with D.

3. The word ends with T.

4. There is no A, I, or U in the word.

Wordle 279 answer for March 25

Spoilers ahead! If you are not interested in the Wordle 279 answer, do not read any further. However, if you are, read on.

Today’s word is DEPOT. When not in use, it refers to “a place where large numbers of vehicles (buses, lorries, etc.) are stored”. Good luck with tomorrow’s Wordle!

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