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What Is The Best Way To Check My Car Insurance Status?



Car Insurance

Having your car insured is as important as purchasing the car. Every car owner should possess a third-party insurance policy. Some owners even go further by getting comprehensive insurance instead of third-party insurance.

Car insurance can provide insurance cover or protection for you in case of accidents, damages, or losses arising from any accident involving your car. Car insurance is a necessity.

Check your car insurance status used to be a slow and arduous task in the recent past. Governments and government agencies have been looking for ways and means to eliminate the administrative bottlenecks involved in checking car insurance status.

Different countries have insurance policies according to their laws. It is essential that you know the insurance policies of your country and how to check your car insurance status. The good news is that insurance companies can now take advantage of the technology provided by internet services to ensure a quick and efficient service delivery regarding insurance covers.

Depending on your country, this article will provide some essential guides on the best way to check your car insurance status.

Get An Insurance Cover for Your Car

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The starting point is to get insurance cover for your car. Depending on your country’s policy on insurance, your car should have one form of insurance cover or the other. You can get information about insurance policies and insurance terms and conditions from any insurance company around you.

Third-party car insurance is compulsory. It could attract penalties and consequences if not having one or using an expired one. Hence, you must possess an insurance certificate and ensure validity.

How to Check Your Insurance Status?

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It’s no big deal any longer if you want to check the insurance status of your car. The quickest means of checking your car insurance status is to go online. If you want to know the history of your car’s insurance, or you want to know the expiry date of your car insurance, a few clicks on your device can provide all the information you need.

How it Works

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There are various ways of checking car insurance status. Here are a few tips.

To check online:

Go to the website of your country’s Insurance Information Bureau. Follow the prompt from the website; Impute the necessary information required (provided you have all the information regarding your car available to you. These include car registration number, vehicle make, address, phone number, etc.

The Insurance Information Bureau has all the information regarding your car insurance. As you submit these details, you can view all information about your car insurance. You will be able to check the status of your car insurance; you will also see the history of your car insurance policy, especially if it has been involved in any previous accidents and any claims made.

Check Insurance Status Using VIN:

Auto insurance quote by VIN is another option to check your car insurance status. VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number. It is your car’s unique identification code. VIN provides you with more accurate information about your car.

If you can’t find your car details on the Insurance Information Bureau portal, the best option available to you is an insurance quote by VIN. Making car insurance quotes using VIN allows you to get the most accurate quotes from your insurance company.

VINs have 17 characters of digits and capital letters that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle.

Check Your Car Insurance Status Using QR Code:

Another option you can check your car insurance status is the QR code. This is one of the simplest ways of checking your car insurance status. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has made it mandatory for every car insurance policy to have a corresponding QR code with the necessary details.

You can use your smartphone to scan the QR code and view all the relevant details of your insurance policy.

Check Your Car Insurance Status Offline:

You can take advantage of the Regional Transport Office to check your car insurance status by visiting their office. This is for those folks who are not internet-savvy or those analog car owners who may not want to be bothered with online stuff.


The importance of car insurance cannot be overemphasized. Car insurance protects you from damages or losses caused by accidents, fire, theft, or any associated incident that may occur while using your car. Some insurance covers also offer protection to passengers in the event of an accident while in your car.

Having good insurance protection gives you rest of mind such that you don’t need to worry over what happens to your car in the case of accidents or damages. You can check your car insurance status through any means provided in this article.

You can use the online portal or the VIN, or you can take advantage of visiting the Regional Transport Office to do a manual check on your car insurance. Whichever option you may choose, one thing you are guaranteed is that you can always check your car insurance status at your convenience.


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