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What Do Flower Colors Symbolize?

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Flowers are beautiful, diverse, and incredibly complex, and human beings have had a strong relationship with them ever since we used to live in caves. Whether we used them for sustenance, medicine, or for decorative purposes, flowers (and plants in general) have accompanied our journey through time.

Nowadays, we still use flowering plants for a wide range of purposes, but we also have a strong retail segment for decorative. Whether we keep them indoors as potted plants, care for them in our gardens, or just offer them as a gift, we love to have them near.

Plus, we even developed special meaning and elaborate flower giving and receiving etiquette. And while the rules may differ from culture to culture, in most cases, the symbolism attributed to the color of the flower (regardless of type) is quite common.

So if you want to offer a beautiful yellow flower bouquet to someone you admire and respect but don’t know if the color is appropriate, make sure to read our tips. We will discuss the most common decorative flower colors and the etiquette around them.

Red Flowers

In most cultures, red is the color of passion and romance so it would be inappropriate to offer bright red flowers to a person who is not a romantic partner (current or future). However, it can also signify respect and can be offered as a way to get someone’s attention.

In Thai culture, they (especially roses) are strictly for romantic relationships.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow is a joyous color that fills your heart with warmth and fills you up with positivity. That’s why yellow they are usually associated with happiness, success, or friendship. Gift these as a sign of appreciation or to help a friend cheer up when you visit them after a long time.

Plus, big yellow they, such as sunflowers, are amazing as a bright splash of color in interior design.

Blue Flowers

Peace, serenity, openness, all these positive feelings are associated with the color blue. As a result, blue flowers are usually offered to people going through difficult times, as a wish for better and as a sign that “this too shall pass”.

They are also believed to have calming powers, so you can offer them to a friend in the hospital or someone who goes through an anxiety-inducing phase of their life.

White Flowers

Often associated with purity and innocence, white flowers are offered to mothers, wives, daughters, and people you respect and admire. White is also a sign of sincerity and sympathy so you can send them as a way to apologize and re-open the communication lines.

In Thailand, white Lilies symbolize rebirth and peace, which is why people gift these flowers in celebration of Easter (in most cases, white Lillies are paired up with Carnations, for a more interesting floral arrangement).

Pink Flowers

Pink is for beauty, grace, femininity, gentleness, and love which is why pink flowers are often gifted as a sign of affection or appreciation. Pink flowers also go great in combination with other colors, so you’ll often find them in mixed bouquets.

Wrap Up

People in Thailand love flowers and use every possible occasion to celebrate in a manner. For instance, each year, during the winter season, in the Phayao province, people celebrate the sunflower festival. It’s a celebration of beauty and joy and it helps locals and tourists connect around its.

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