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Trump Ordered $200 Worth of Burgers from Long Island drive-in

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Trump Ordered $200 Worth of Burgers from Long Island drive-in

He’s making America great again.

Former President Donald Trump spent $200 at a fast-food restaurant on Long Island after paying tribute to killed NYPD officer Jonathan Diller at Massapequa Funeral Home on Thursday.

According to a Facebook post by senior adviser Daniel Scavino Jr., Trump and his campaign team went westbound on Merrick Road from the funeral home’s South Chapel facility to the popular All-American Drive-In.

Richard Vultaggio, a manager at All American, confirmed to The Post the large order that Trump and his crew requested.

  • 18 “Double Double” Cheeseburgers
  • Ten hot dogs.
  • Two quarter-pound burgers with cheese.
  • 20 fries.
  • 10 onion rings.


Trump’s team also wanted plenty of ketchup and mustard on the side, and the drive-in personnel completed the order in 10 minutes around 2 p.m. Thursday, according to Vultaggio.

Vultaggio revealed to The Post that the meal was paid for using a credit card and a “generous” cash tip, despite Trump’s reputation for making empty promises.

He further stated that all Americans “did receive news [that Trump] did love” the lunch.

Furthermore, other customers “were paying for cops, and we weren’t letting the police pay,” Vultaggio stated of the post-wake crowd. “The community really came together.”

Diller was on patrol in Far Rockaway on Monday when he was reportedly shot and killed by Guy Rivera, an ex-con with 21 prior offenses who was riding with a career criminal friend.

The regionally popular Massapequa burger joint, which has been open since 1963, is famed for its greasy meals and affordable costs. Despite considerable overhead, the joint keeps costs impressively low. A burger and fries, considered the best on the island, with a shake now cost only $7.

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino, whose authority includes the fry-fueled burger restaurant, said it was a no-brainer for Trump’s crew to visit.


“Why anybody would want to stop there is because All American has among the very tastiest burgers you can find anywhere in America,” Saladino told The Post, adding that he always gets a quarter pounder, fries, and a vanilla shake.

Former commander-in-cheese has previously expressed a fondness for fast food, citing a fear of getting poisoned.

In 2020, Trump stated that McDonald’s french fries are the key to his one-of-a-kind head of hair. The year before, he had the White House cater McDonald’s for the 2018 college football national champion Clemson Tigers for a celebratory feast.

In a Facebook post, Trump adviser Scavino warmly recalled his childhood vacations to All American.

“If you’re out on Long Island, check them out, a GREAT SPOT!” he added in an email. “I remember going as a kid growing up with family in Massapequa, Wantagh, Dix Hills, and Seaford.”

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