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Top 4 HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation

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HubSpot, Alternatives,Top 4 HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation

If you have been doing business online or trying to get your business to expand its visibility online, then you would have often heard the terms CRM and marketing automation. And with these terms, HubSpot and alternatives to HubSpot are just as commonplace. Here are the top 4 alternatives for market automation.

When we think of CRM and marketing automation, HubSpot is the first name that comes to mind for the simple reason that it was the first brand that evolved the technology that we know as automation today. There are a number of HubSpot alternatives that have come into the picture to better these solutions and to contribute to the overall evolution of CRM, sales and marketing automation.

HubSpot Alternatives: Marketing automation and sales automation

Before we move on and talk about the marketing automation alternatives to HubSpot, let us understand what HubSpot really does. HubSpot started in the year 2006 and was developed by Brain Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, two developers who wanted to find a way to automate the way businesses run online.

This simple yet effective model has come a long way since then and every HubSpot alternative now tries to replicate and improvise on the most basic technology that the company and its founders developed.

While CRM was the basic tool or technology that was evolved and developed by HubSpot and its founders, we have come a long way since then considering the kind of integrations that we can now see in this sphere.

Marketing automation and sales automation have entered the fray as the next best logical thing that can be powered by CRM and can join forces with CRM to give more high quality leads and close high margin sales. In this regard, it may be seen that the HubSpot alternatives have come to the fore to carry out the following functions:

Information Handling:

Starting from capturing information to setting targets for campaigns and storing information in specific fields that would contribute to the execution of campaigns and closure of sales, there are a number of ways in which information is handled in a marketing automation framework by a good alternative to HubSpot.


One of the most crucial things for HubSpot alternatives is to recognize what kind of integrations would be required for efficient marketing automation. Starting from handling the tasks in the sales pipeline to making conversions and generating leads all over again, there are a number of things that marketing automation would have to do. Integrations to carry out all the functions from social media to email and much more would have to be built into the CRM and marketing automation structure.


This is the most crucial and basic thing that HubSpot alternatives would have to do on the marketing automation side. The need for optimization is one that comes to the fore with the plethora of opportunities at a fraction of the cost which has in turn increased the number of competitors in a single market or segment, exponentially. To be able to stand out and make an impact that will drive engagement and also help various algorithms of search engines recognize these efforts, is the main task of marketing automation.

Support and Setup:

Marketing automation and CRM setup is one of the most important things that would have to be taken care of by the alternative to HubSpot, since this can also become a complicated process. Instead of getting an entire team of developers and paying them to retain them, the platform or the HubSpot alternative would have to provide the right setup support and after sales support that would help the business customize the platform or the software as per its unique needs to find leads in its own unique market for its unique products an services.


One of the major functions of a good HubSpot alternative would be to bring team members together in a seamless manner so that they can contribute to the overall vision and growth of the business. The tasks enlisted would help in automating the mundane so that the core tasks can be allotted to the right person with the right skill set. This can also help in getting the right person on board for the right job and the prompts would be automated so that there is very little scope for chaos when it comes to the activities and tasks.

CRM and marketing automation

Apart from the above, there are a number of other needs that the marketing automation side of the CRM platform would have to successfully fulfill. The alternative to HubSpot would have to cater for all the above so as to drive leads towards prospecting and then conversions which is also where the system veers off into sales automation.

While HubSpot is the earliest name on the block as far as CRM and marketing automation goes, there are a few alternatives to HubSpot that would cost you less and offer you even more expansive and efficient features. Here are the top four:

  1. EngageBay: This is easily the best CRM and marketing automation platform that comes at an affordable cost and has already serviced over 12,000 businesses and clients all over the globe. Constant support and integrations for marketing automation make this a feature heavy and reliable alternative to HubSpot.
  2. Ontraport: This is also a well known HubSpot alternative that can help you get organized with your business information and marketing efforts.
  3. ActiveCampaign: While this platform is a more upcoming one, it is a decent alternative to HubSpot since it offers email integrations and marketing. Yet, it does not have all the features like EngageBay to make the cut!
  4. SharpSpring: This upcoming platform is also an alternative to HubSpot since it offers lead generation tools along with email and other integrations for a smooth sailing marketing automation process.
  5. Aritic PinPoint : Aritic PinPoint is a unified marketing automation platform for growing business having landing pages, lead scoring & tracking features with CRM & Social integration. 200+ brands are using Aritic platform along inbound marketing and sales engagement.


At the end of the analysis, we can easily see that EngageBay is the best bet when it comes to worthy alternatives to HubSpot, due its wide ranging features, affordability and constant support for various functions.


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