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The Top Cyber Security Affiliate Programs for 2021



Top Cyber Security Affiliate Programs Explored for 2021

Top affiliate programs know that every internet user is at risk of cyberattacks. These attacks come in different forms and have diverse consequences. Without cyber security, companies lose customer data through these cyberattacks, while individuals also lose sensitive personal information.

The cost of acquiring data for companies is too high, and the effect of losing data to criminals can be devastating. That’s why many businesses and individuals are always searching for the best antivirus software and other cybersecurity tools to protect their operations online.

There are many cybersecurity tools out there offering diverse user experiences. If you can help businesses and individuals decide on the best security solutions to use, you can earn massive commissions in affiliate programs.

In this article, we present the best cybersecurity affiliate programs and VPN affiliate programs like Surfshark to promote and earn in 2023. All these affiliate programs, will help you understand all the important aspects.

Keep reading to discover them all.

11 best cybersecurity affiliate programs for 2020

1. Panda Security

Our first one is probably the best cybersecurity service to promote on different platforms. Panda protects more than 30 million users, and according to them, AV-Comparatives ranked them as the number one antivirus in the industry.

So, becoming an affiliate partner of Panda can prove to be very fruitful. It offers industry-standard security for digital assets and protects businesses from many threats.

What do affiliates gain?

  • Panda offers support for campaign planning & support.

The company offers special discounts to its affiliate partners.

  • Its affiliate commission is handsome.
  • The company operates in more than 180 countries.

What can you make as an affiliate?

Panda pays 50% commission to its affiliate partners. So, the amount will vary according to the plans.

2. Avast

Here is a household name in cybersecurity. Avast offers protection for all your devices, safeguards your data and applications, and offers cloud network security. The company offers both a free and pro version that you can get for $5 monthly.

What do affiliates gain?

  • You get to promote a tool with a high success rate.
  • Avast offers a 60-day tracking cookie.
  • Affiliate partners get multiple rewards for an excellent performance.
  • You can achieve more with Avast banners & text links.

What can you make as an affiliate?

Affiliate partners get a 25% commission within 45 days of making the sales.

3. Heimdal Security

This security firm provides a go-to solution against all manner of cyberattacks. Heimdal security offers diverse cybersecurity solutions ranging from DNS solutions, fraud detection, patching, antimalware, etc. It has prevented more than 13 million attacks and protected more than 600 businesses.

What do affiliates gain?

  • Heimdal security offers a 90-days cookie life to affiliates.
  • Affiliate partners get bonuses for an amazing performance
  • 50% discount and other special offers for affiliates
  • Unmatched multilingual support for partners
  • A chance to promote unique solutions

What can you make as an affiliate?

Affiliate partners make a 50% commission on every sale.

4. Sitelock affiliate program

This is one of the popular cybersecurity tools to promote generous affiliate commissions. Sitelock has more than 12 million individuals and companies using it to secure their websites on many platforms. You can use Sitelock on Joomla, WordPress, and other platforms.

What do affiliates gain?

  • Sitelock gives its partners direct access to their affiliate portal. With such access, you can view the number of people who clicked your affiliate link. You can also track leads and commissions to ensure that you get what you’ve earned.
  • Once you join the affiliate program, Sitelock assigns an account manager to handle your question and help you succeed.
  • Sitelock allows its partners to run global level campaigns to increase traffic, conversion rate, and revenue.
  • As an affiliate, you can get Sitelock annual plan for $149
  • Sitelock offers services such as VPN, malware removal, WAF, etc., and this helps affiliate partners to achieve high conversion levels.

What can you make as an affiliate?

The amount you can make varies because Sitelock offers different plans. So it all depends on the plan, but it’s possible to make between $25 to $125.

5. Comodo security solution

This cybersecurity company offers solutions against more than 18 cybersecurity issues. They also provide forensic analysis, remote connection security tools, and free anti-virus. So, becoming a Comodo affiliate is not bad. There are two options for you in the program. You can become a Consumer affiliate or SSL affiliate. It all depends on your preferences.

What do affiliates programs gain?

  • The chance to promote a reliable and useful cybersecurity tool
  • Generate free SSL certificate as an affiliate
  • Affiliates make recurring commissions on each renewal.

What can you make as an affiliate?

Every sale you make as an affiliate attracts a 50% commission to you.

6. Astra Security

Astra website security is an excellent solution for websites that have been hacked. It also secures E-commerce stores alongside WordPress websites and provides security audits to determine whether your devices are prepared against cyberattacks. Astra security offers all these solutions in one package.

What do affiliates programs gain?

  • 5% discount to all your affiliates
  • Astra allows a 60-day cookie period to ensure more conversion for affiliate partners.
  • Opportunity to earn substantial passive income for many years.
  • Unmatched support from affiliate managers
  • Astra offers an encompassing marketing kit for affiliate partners.

What can you make as an affiliate?

You can make a recurring commission of 25% for as long as your referrals use Astra.

7. Sucuri Security Solution

If cybercriminals have already hacked your website, Securi can fix it for you. It can clean up the site and secure it against future attacks. Sucuri sectionalized its affiliate program into three different solutions. So, you can promote a particular solution that appeals to you or matches your target audience.

What do affiliates gain?

  • Affiliates stand a chance of making anything between $29 to $210 based on the plans.
  • Sucuri offers a 30-day cookie period.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee to drive more conversion.

What can you make as an affiliate??

Affiliate programs partners make 25% on the purchase of a single Sucuri plan. But for the Agency plan, you can make $100 on them.

8. Acunetix

This is one of the easiest security tools to promote. Lots of companies are using Acunetix for web vulnerability management & compliance reporting. It scans your website to identify vulnerabilities such as Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, etc. Many companies in the Fortune 500 prefer to use Acunetix over other security tools.

What does Acunetix affiliate gain?

  • Acunetix offers an NFR license to affiliate partners.
  • An opportunity to sell an award-winning and industry-leading product
  • Technical and marketing support to boost performance
  • Recurring earnings through plan renewals.

What can you make an affiliate program??

Acunetix didn’t mention the specific percentage an affiliate can make from selling their security solutions. But there’s a promise to make recurring income on renewals.

9. IT Governance USA

This is an encompassing cybersecurity solution. It offers different tools, training, awareness, consultations, and solutions. They help all types and sizes of organizations secure data and handle other IT related issues such as GDPR, ISO 27001, compliance, or governance.

What does IT Governance Affiliate programs gain?

  • Affiliates can choose different products to promote
  • Impressive commission opportunities
  • Opportunity to sell a trusted and recognized security solution

What can you make as an affiliate?

IT Governance pays 10% to its affiliates, which may amount to $20 on every transaction.

10. Norton Security

Norton is another household name in the industry. It has security solutions covering parental lock, darknet monitoring, and even VPN plans. These solutions come in affordable plans, and users also get a free trial against nine cyber threats.

What does Norton Affiliates programs gain?

  • Affiliates get access to 40 types of security tools on Norton.
  • Norton offers a 60-day cookie period.
  • There’re trial versions of 7 & 30 days for users.

What can you make as an affiliate?

Norton affiliate makes a 20% commission on the program.

11. Trendmicro

This is another cybersecurity solution worth promoting to businesses. It offers many security tools on cloud-based technologies, the Internet of things (IoT) risk management, 5G, etc. Trendmicro offers its certifications and other educational materials for free.

What do affiliates gain?

  • Affiliate partners get unique promotional materials and banners to improve their performance.
  • TrendMicro is a popular cybersecurity company that is easy to promote

What can you make affiliate programs?

Every affiliate makes either 10% or 20% commission, depending on the customers they target.

Final Words

If you’re an advocate of cybersecurity, you can now do what you love and earn commissions in the process. We have presented the 11 best cybersecurity solutions for you to promote and make money. Each of these companies offers unique experiences in terms of their solutions and commissions. You can choose the ones to promote based on your business goals.


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