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Thailand’s Mysterious Naga Fireballs Rise From the Mekong River

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Thailand's Mysterious Naga Fireballs Over the Mekong River

A mystery that has confused Thousands, Naga fireballs appear along the Mekong river in Thailand each year as people gather to witness the phenomenon.

Interestingly enough, the fireballs are not a one-time event, they are typically witnessed by tens of thousands. Locals call it the mythical ‘Phaya Nak’, a giant serpent that appears in the sky from inside the river.

Every year, the mysterious phenomenon appears between the end of October and the beginning of November.

Moreover, it has become a tourist attraction with people gathering to witness the “fireball phenomenon” which is also known as The Dragon Fireball Festival.

Despite a number of theories, scientists are still not sure how it happens. One theory suggests it occurs when the Earth, Sun, and Moon align, which results in swap gas, which is mainly methane.

The strange phenomenon, however, has no exact explanation.

There has been debate as to whether this is a natural or man-made phenomenon, as the events trend on social media whenever they occur as some call them “ghost lights”.

According to some, the Naga fireballs are as big as basketballs and appear as shooting stars. Despite this, no one has been able to pinpoint exactly how the fireball occurs or why it occurs.

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