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Thailand to Officially Reopen Nov 1st With No Quarantine




The Thai Prime Minister has announced on a televised broadcast that Thailand will officially open to vaccinated tourists without quarantine starting November 1st, 2021. Vaccinated foreigners from low-risk countries will be allowed to enter the kingdom without quarantine.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said foreigners would be allowed to visit any part of Thailand after meeting entry requirements. He said there will be up to ten “low-risk” countries, including the US, Singapore, Germany and China.

Entry conditions are that all foreign visitors will need to show that they are free of Covid-19 at the time of travel. Having taken an RT-PCR test taken prior to leaving their home country, and then retested in Thailand.

The Premier said more countries would be added to the list of “low-risk” countries in December. He also said that foreign visitors from countries not on the “low-risk list” will be required to undergo 7-day quarantine.

During his televised broadcast the Prime Minister did not mention which other countries would be on the “Low-Risk” no-quarantine list.

He did offer some more good news for the tourism industry stating that his government also expects to lift the ban on serving alcoholic in restaurants. He also said entertainment venues would also be allowed to serve alcohol by December 1st.

Thailand’s Vaccine program working

Prime Minister Prayut said he has recognized the extraordinary achievements of public health workers, other officials and the public for helping in the fight to control covid-19. He said Public health officials have worked tirelessly to accelerate covid-19 vaccinations throughout the country.

Thailand is currently administering more than 700,000 vaccination shots per day, and sometimes even exceeding one million shots per day, he said.

“Our country has performed an extraordinary feat and everyone should be very proud of our achievements. These achievements have enabled Thailand to begin the process of quarantine-free entry into the Kingdom,” Gen Prayut said.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry announced on Tuesday morning 9,445 new Covid-19 cases and 84 more deaths. Covid deaths and cases are now showing a downwards turn as more and more people in Thailand become vaccinated.

According to Thailand’s health department on Monday, 11,452 Covid-19 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovering. Furthermore, since April 1, Thailand has treated 1,701,501 Covid-19 patients, 1,576,929 of whom have recovered to date.

Source: Bangkok Post


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